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Winning Forex Trading Strategies Of All Time !

The reason why I boldly claim that ” Making Consistent Profits From Trading Forex Online Is Indeed Simple ” on my blog’s header is because :

” It Is Really Simple ….( when You know how ) ”

The basic elements needed from You or anyone ( whom are still seeking ways to succeed with forex trading ) is simply to understand 4 proven aspects….which I would be sharing below.

Majority of the traders who are ” still ” not making Consistent Profits from their trading is only concerned about looking for the ” Magic System or Holy-Grail ” in forex trading.

And they happily forgo the importance of using Good Money Management, Risk/Reward ratio …..and more critically – Be Consistent !

Any traders who bother to take into account each aspects of these 4 elements before entering into a position ….has already PUT ALL ODDS ON HIS/HER SIDE…

With that… is hard NOT to make any profits month after month ! * SMile *

Wait Aaron… mean it is hard NOT to make any profits month after month ? You sure ? Hyping Up is it….? Are you running a fever today and not talking right ? ”


….I shall repeat it again… is hard NOT to make any profits month after month if  YOU bother to understand and PRACTICE 4 Critical Elements each time you trade.

And I called them the ” Proven Winning Forex Trading Strategies Of All Time !”

Read on below as I reveal and explain each of them in details for you ..


1st Winning Element :

A Forex Trading Strategy Of At Least 60% Winning Rate

Yes….You’re hearing it right.

Don’t need 100% or even 90% …..not even 80% or 70%….but just 60% success rate would do You GOOD in the long run.

Unless you are a total newbie and have not even trade on a Demo account before…

Then I am sure you probably have at least WON once or twice….and profited some nice Pips.

It can be 10 Pips….30 Pips….or even 100 Pips at least.

Well wait !!….I am not talking about those trades where you anyhow guess or simply gamble your way through based on wild guess and luck.

If you do it that way…then those trades are not consider Winning trade because it is GAMBLING and not based on ANY proven system.

What I talking about here is that –  You actually try using a proven system ( which can be simple moving averages or just based on high probability patterns…etc ) and hit your ” Take – Profit ” target.

When you have WON at least once this way…then you already have in your arsenal a strategy that is at least 60% accurate I am sure.

The main obstacle you have to overcome with any strategy is whether can you be consistent with it and ” filter “ off the false signal or not…

Let me share with you a simple strategy here which can easily achieve 60% success rate as example ….

With this strategy, I will be using just ONE technical indicator called the Bollinger Band – Very common and easily to use indicator, good too.

In most of the latest forex trading platform, this Bollinger Band is most often available ….so no problem at all.

Basically with a Bollinger Band – There will be 3 lines forming a upper and lower band.

When the market is ranging or consolidating…..these 3 lines would be very close together forming a narrow channel.

On the other hand, when the market is trending…..these 3 lines would ” Open ” up wide apart indicating a trend is in place and volatility is high.

So what’s the common and proven way to use this Bollinger Band then ?


When the band is tight together……it shows that the price is moving in a range – Meaning the price bounce from the Upper Band to the Lower Band.

So to trade this kind of market condition, simply SELL when the price reach the upper band when it’s turning down…

And simply BUY when the price reach the lower band and starting to turn up…

What about when the 3 lines OPEN up ? How to trade ?

If the 3 lines Open up….forming very wide channel…

It indicates that there’s a TREND in place..

If the price is in the UPPER BAND…….it is often a UP-TREND.

If the price is in the LOWER BAND… is often a Down-Trend..

So far very easy to understand right ?

Of course….that’s why I said this is one common and easy trading strategy anyone can use.


By merely knowing whether the market is Ranging or Trending ( as indicated by the Bollinger Band ) is NOT enough to help You nail those precious Pips consistently..

You NEED to know ” WHEN ” to enter into position so that ALL ODDS ARE ON YOUR SIDE !

More importantly…..You need to know ” When ” to get in so that You’re achieving a very GOOD RISK/REWARD ratio each and every time you decide to trade.

With that….what’s coming up next is of course the Good Risk/Reward ratio.


2nd Winning Element :

Good Risk/Reward ratio

…..What’s a Risk/Reward ratio ….?

If you’re even wondering about this …then it is really lucky for you to be reading this now than regret later. LOL.

Because without understanding and practicing this, it is hard for any trader to consistent make profits every month

Just as the name implies..

It is the ratio of Risk vs. Reward..

Risk  is ( in term of Pips ) how much you would be losing in a particular trade if your judgement is wrong…

Reward is of course how much you would win with your pre-defined Take-Profit target.

What can be considered a good Risk/Reward ratio then…..( in order to succeed in the long run ) ?

Since the 1st element is to have – A Forex Trading Strategy Of At Least 60% Success Rate..

Then isn’t it logical for me to say that …as long as your Risk/Reward ratio is  1 : 1 ..

You would make money as long as you’re consistent with that.


Some mathematical example here to explain on this :

With a Risk/Reward ratio of at least  1 : 1 …

Say for each trade, your Risk is 30 Pips

And Reward is 30 Pips..

Having a 60% Accuracy Forex Trading Strategy…

It means out of 10 trades, 6 would be winnings…4 losings.

Winning :  30 x 6 = 180 Pips

Losing :  30 x 4 = 120 Pips

Profits = 180 – 120 = 60 Pips ( spreads taking into account )

With this example….I hope you can also see the importance of using a really Good Risk/Reward ratio for each and every single trade you decide to take.

In fact….for all my trades, I would only be aiming for at least 1 : 1.5

50% more than 1 : 1

Which also means ….if I only maintain at 60% success rate, my profits would be 50% more every month!

Cool isn’t it…

Imagine if you can master using a good Risk/Reward ratio…

And multiplying across 2-3 currency pairs…

Can you now understand how much Pips YOU would be making each time …? * smile *

That’s the absolute power of using a good Risk/Reward …..Proven !


3rd Winning Element :

Stick Strictly To Sound Money Management Rules

This is a very direct element.

For every trade you take, make sure you do not risk more than 3% of your total capital.

In fact…most traders would say 1-2% is a much safer range though.

But I personally think stretching up to 3% is perfectly fine as long as you already have a 60% accuracy forex trading strategy + good Risk/Reward in place.

Example ..let’s say you are trading with a $10,000 account :

You should not risk more than ( 0.03 x 10,000 = $300 ) each time…

Why the need for such Money Management Rules …? You might be wondering…

The reason is simple….

In any trading, there are NO 100% sure win

Because it is a game of probability.

There bound to have some losing trades…..

Or ….sometimes there might even be A FEW losing trades in a single row

Therefore depleting your account of some draw-downs.

That’s why to ensure that you would have ENOUGH capital to fight back again when there are good trading opportunities…

You need to have sufficient capital in the trading account – Even after losing a few trades in a row.

In trading…..we only think of the WORST case scenario….

Of whether do we have enough ” Capital ” ( or bullet ) to fight back again…when it’s appropriate.

What’s good if you have a very good trading strategy….but each time you lose….your account is almost WIPE OUT !

So it is really critical to stick to a good money management rules …….YES….in every trade you decide to take.


4th Winning Element :

Adhere ” FIRMLY ” To The First 3 Elements ….And Be CONSISTENT !

In other words…..enter a trade only when your proven strategy told you so…( even if the set-up do not occur often….just be patience! )

And always use Good Risk/Reward ratio and sound Money Management … is really vital for every traders’ success.

Each and every single trade does matters !

More importantly…..when you are wrong and the trade hit your STOP-LOSS….do not be too affected or feel disappointed.

Don’t be like the many struggling traders who have the intense urge to fight back again thinking that ” THEY CAN”T BE WRONG” this time..

And WORST…..they enter again with even BIGGER LOTS presuming that they WON’T BE WRONG this time and hoping to win even more..

9 out of 10 times…..they would keep losing and losing…and ultimately bursting the entire account…

Simply because they are having a GAMBLING mindset….and literally let emotions and mainly GREED to cloud his logical judgement!

Don’t let that happen to You please !

I was once like that too…..and I know how miserable and de-moralizing it can be to Gamble with big lots and losing the entire account end of day….

Really devastating….

If this kind of common ” Fatal Trap” hasn’t happen to you yet….I really really hope You do not have to even go close to that feeling.

You certainly won’t like it…..I Guarantee ! LOL

We humans just don’t like to keep losing……it’s natural…

By understanding and practicing these 4 proven elements..

You would be equip with a set of the most Powerful Winning Forex Trading Strategies Of All Time….no doubt about it !

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