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Why Majority 95% Would Surely FAIL At This Forex Trading Game Eventually?

Dear Valuable Friends,

I started this Forex Trading Empire blog since Feb 2009

for over 6 years+ now ( at time of writing this page )

And throughout these 6 years

I have communicated with almost 10,000 traders

who chanced upon my Forex Trading Empire blog

& they were from all over the world

Some of them are total newbies

Some of them are struggling intermediates

Some of them are already Winning traders

And having communicated with more than 4000+ of them these few years

I actually noticed something ” common ” about the Struggling Intermediates

that eventually made them FAILED MISERABLY

and then GAVE UP TOTALLY !

Some of them are merely treating this Forex Trading as yet another  ” casino ”

they are simply GAMBLING their money by anyhow selling or buying

Well….this way of trading would surely make one LOSE IT ALL in no time

that’s an obvious fact

While there are some who did their homework & research and came to notice that literally

=> MOST of the forex educational websites / forums out there

as well as

=> MOST of the so called Gurus / Forex Schools / Coaches / Mentors out there

all of them are basically teaching on this :

Follow The Trend ….as The Trend Is Your Friend ! ”

Always Must Use A Stop-Loss For Your Trade .. order to prevent One Bad Trade From Draining Away All Your Capital !

” Let The Profit Runs…..Cut Your Losses Early ! “

And since MOST of Gurus / Mentors / Professionals out there are

” advocating ” the SAME Strategies & Trading Beliefs

hence they would also presumed that is the ” Correct Way ” to trade

in order to help them succeed in the long run…..that is very ” natural ”

But then weird thing is that

since 99% of the Forex Websites / Forums

and even the so called Gurus / Forex Schools / Coaches / Professional Traders / Mentors

out there are always teaching + advocating the same thing

then it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to succeed …..right ?

However, how come it has been proven that 95% would Surely FAIL in the 3 – 5 years period ?

I am Super Curious too back then ( 3 – 4 years back )

hence I started investigating more about this issue

by actively communicating with the ” Struggling Intermediates

I chose them because they are the ones that have been ” trying rather hard ”

to succeed with this forex trading game

They have been trying rather hard

yet still struggling

definitely there are some ” LOGICAL reasons ” to that…..right ?

So after communicating with a few thousands of them

I discovered that whenever I asked them a certain few ” Questions “

they just could NOT give me a ” Logical Answer ” at all

From then on

I keep asking the same questions to other Struggling Intermediates

( that emailed me for trading advice )

and again ….they could NOT answer those questions too

Which eventually made me concluded that majority 95% eventually FAIL

because they simply don’t know how to overcome the few ” common obstacles ” in the market

And to make things worst

they ( struggling intermediates ) DON”T even have a clue about these ” Common Obstacles ” at all

Meaning they DON”T even know they are ” Trapped ” in those Common Obstacles all the while.. …that is

So in this Section => ” Why Majority 95% Surely Lose ”

I will be posting these few ” Questions ” for You to learn on as well

IF You cannot figure out a ” Logical ” answer to each question I revealed too

then You have to really start thinking about another Critical Question after

which is :

” Since You ALSO CAN”T answer these SAME Questions too

what makes You think You WOULD NOT FAIL like the Majority 95% in no time ?? “

Am sure You are also Super Curious WHY Majority 95% would Surely FAIL MISERABLY in the long run……..right ?

By reading through the few ” Questions ” I am sharing in this section

You will get to learn ” exactly why ” too.

Enjoy reading

To Your ( Real ) Forex Success & Financial Freedom,

Aaron Tan ( your trading friend )

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