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What Is This Forex Case Studies Section About ?

In my exploration journey of testing & seeking forex trading strategies that can really work ” consistently”…

I personally came to realize one ” common ” problem….

And it is also the one common problem most struggling traders need to experience too ….as it is just part of learning I suppose.

What is this problem then ?

Let me sum it up with a few sentences here  :


“…Although most traders have read theories after theories of any forex trading strategies they can lay their hands on ..

BUT more often…. it is just too hard for them to apply in REAL Trading Environment without seeing an example in place….”


Having read the above….do You share the same sentiment ?

If You are not….then it’s either You have already overcome this problem already…

…..or You still don’t know what is this forex trading all about till now…..

Now…..I am sure You would agree that all the theories are just theories after all…

Most of the trading strategies & patterns formation would look ” good and easy to identify ” on the textbooks You’re reading from..

But when You finally expose Yourself to the LIVE trading charts….

Most of the time….You seem to ONLY get ” confused and more confused “….

It looks like that particular set-up You are waiting for…

But on 2nd thought….it is not…..

You’re in a state of dilemma and just don’t know how to proceed from there …..

Should You give this trade a miss ?

…or Should You just ” try Your luck ” to see if You are correct about it or not…?

( The gambling & hoping for the best mentality… ? )

These type of undesirable situations are very common to anyone….

I have experienced and went through countless of these ” confusions ” too…

Perhaps more than You do as I REALLY ” Struggle ” very hard during my beginner days… joke..

( But due to the fact that I also want to succeed with forex trading very much…..I focus and press on…)

So to help anyone overcome this …

I choose to create this Forex Case Studies section….

….and I hope it would pretty much help those who are still stuck in the ” don’t know how to apply ” stage definitely…

My objective is to chronicle my own personal LIVE trades to share..

These would be the real trades I took using a specific forex trading strategy …

Or perhaps combing a few to enhance the winning probability.

If You have already read the ” About Me & Forex Trading Empire ” page…..

Then You would have known by now that my tradings usually involve occurrence or market conditions such as these :


1)   Trading with ” High Probability ” set – ups…

2)   Identifying key reversal points in the market..

3)  Taking full advantage of the ” Price Pullback ” in the market…

4)  Riding the ” Massive Trends ” that is prevailing in the market

5)   Capturing the Explosive Movements  – Breakout !

6)   Strategy to trade the very volatile ” major news ” release monthly…

…..basically all factors that contribute to the ” Market Movement & The Way It Flow “…


It is a proven fact that – NO one strategy is able to cater for all kind of market conditions..

For a BREAKOUT……we need a Breakout Strategy…

For trading the Major News……we need another Major News Strategy..

For riding the ” Massive Trend “….we need another different Trending Strategy too…

When any trader can also understand and ultimately master these different trading strategies for different market conditions..

The trading confidence and competency can be sky-rocketed to a level that others literally envy…

Not to mention…..the joy and excitement upon seeing YOUR trading account growing so rapidly and healthily week after week….month after month…

While all the while….You’re enjoying the entire process of grabbing Your fair share of this 4 Trillions a day forex market…!

After all…nothing beats being able to simply feel so confident and telling Yourself that You’re finally seeing the kind of ” success ” You want so badly deep down in Your heart

I have achieved that kind of success now….and I know it can be done……( if You really want )

So to help You shorten Your learning curve….I hope that by setting up this Forex Case Studies section…

You can learn from my LIVE trades……and most importantly my ” market analysis & decision making process “..

Till then….

Do keep a close lookout for my LIVE trades that I would adding to this section…

It would be very exciting and resourceful for any traders whom really want to succeed with forex….* smile *

Happy trading !

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