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What Exactly Is ” Science Of (Pure) Forex Price Action Analysis ” All About ? ( Part 2 )

What Is Exactly ” Science Of ( Pure ) Forex Price Action Analysis ” All About ? ( Part 2 )

Ok , in this article ….

I shall share another ” Pure Forex Price Action Analysis ” for You to understand on

and it is slightly different from the Part 1 shared previously

( as it involved a ” Special Price Action behaviour ” that No other traders or gurus know about )

Let’s say one day after my gym workout

I scan though the many different charts to see if any ” FX Pair’s PRICE ACTION “

is CALLING out to me  or not

( to go in and GRAB some valuable Pips from it…of course )

and I actually saw such ” Price Action ” from a certain FX pair:

One thing I am VERY SURE here

that is :

1) For those ” Technical Indicators ” kind of traders

as well as

2) those who have NOT ” Master The SKILL ” in DECIPHERING DIRECTLY


those RAW PRICE ACTION shown on the chart above

they either mean :

=> ” No Trading Signal at all

OR…..=>  it is merely a ” Sideway Market

OR…..=>  simply ” No Meaning at all ” for majority out there

Of course for A ” Super ( Well ) Trained PRICE ACTION MASTER “ like me  ( *ahem*……)

the RAW FOREX PRICE ACTION in there are basically calling out to me saying this :

” Aaron, Please come in and GRAB Some Valuable Pip and $$$$$$ NOW ! “

Don’t understand WHY right ?

It’s ok

Read on and You will get to undestand what I SEE too !

Now look at the SAME Chart again below

( with Horizontal Yellow Lines Plotted this time round )


Now……Carefully ” Compare ” them

saw anything ” Special ”  too ?

Notice anything SPECIAL about the  ” Behaviour of the PRICE

=> for the RIGHT WAVE UP ?

How ?

Can SEE anthing ” Special ” at all ?

It is Perfectly Fine if You can’t ( now )

as You have NOT Master the ART of ( RAW ) PRICE ACTION reading yet ….

that’s why You found Your way to my Forex Price Action Strategies’ site today

because You are all ready ro learn more about that……right !

Ok….let me share with You WHAT I SEE in there

so You can understand and learn too

( This sentence below simply SUMS UP what I SAW ) :


With just one SIMPLE GLANCE on those ” Yellow Horizontal Lines “ plotted

it is very clear that the RIGHT Is ” MIRRORING ” the LEFT

agree too …right ?

At this point, I know what most of You would be WONDERING ON

( obviously, because You do NOT have the same 8 Years+ of Trading WISDOM

that I accumulated till date ! )

that is :


1st Question MOST of You guys Would Be Wondering On :



( Even MORE of YOU GUYS would be Wondering on this ” 2nd Question “ ! )


2nd Question That EVEN MORE of You guys would be Wondering on :


2) How to Know whether to BUY OR SELL  in order to take advantage of that ?

( My Answers for You ) :

You see

sometimes after a certain BIG INSTITUTION or BIG BANK or BIG FUND

has already made their ” MOVE ” on a certain FX Pair

and the pair has HIT the ” 1st  Price TARGET ” they wanted

they would then ” Stay Put ” there

WHY The NEED To ” STAY PUT THERE ” ?? ( You might ask….)

That’s because they are NOT SURE if…

they ” Should Continue PUSHING In THE SAME DIRECTION…or not ” !!

Because there are a few ” Major Fundamental News ” concerning the Fx pair….

they are involved with => that are yet to be ” Released “

Hence without KNOWING the ” Actual Results ” of those NEWS

they would NOT know ” Is It Worth Pushing The SAME TREND FURTHER ” !

That’s where they would just trade in a ” Sideway ” manner

and normally they would rely on a ” Computer “

to help BUY AND SELL ” Automatically ” for them

( according to the Pre-Assigned Price Points being

programmed into those super computers !)

…..all the time => keeping the Overall Pricing in a ” Certain FIXED RANGE ” !

Yes….which is how a Typical ” Sideway ” market is formed !

And for this case that I saw….


….the ” VAST Experience of Mine ” accumulated for the past 8 Years+ relying on NOTHING else

but ( Only ) RAW PRICE ACTION to trade

simply tells me that this pair that I am EYEING on now…

=> it is ON such a ” Super Computers Helping To Buy or Sell MODE ” …NOW !!

Which literally explains why the ” RIGHT is MIRRORING the LEFT ” !!

Hence , my ” Vast Experience ” has TAUGHT me that

I can ” SELL ”  to capture this Potential DOWN-MOVE :

When can You look for such ” ( Special ) Price Action Behaviour “

( created by the ” Super Computers Helping To Buy or Sell ” Mode )  ?

From my experience, such ” Special Mirroring ” kind of Price Action

would most likely occur BEFORE any ” Major News ” release

When I said ” Major News ”

I mean those ” Super IMPACTFUL ” ones

such as Jobless Claim Results ?

such as CPI ?

such as Interests Rate ?

such as  Monetary Policy ?

You get the idea by now …am sure

Ok one last reminder before I pen off today

that is :

IF You are currently exploring on How To Trade Forex Using Price Action Analysis

and the kind of Price Action Strategies that You came across

were actually ” NOT AS SIMPLE AS ” the ones I shared with You here ( and in Part 1 )

then NO POINT learning from that website at all


should be => ” Simple + Only Relying On LOGICAL REASONS from the market itself ”

We want our Forex Price Action Strategy to be Simple……

=> because this entire FOREX trading game is already ” Very Complicated & Stressful ”

what for we want to rely on ” Strategies ” that would ADD MORE COMPLICATIONS

& STRESS for our trading process

right ?

That would ONLY cloud our ” sound Judgement “

as well as IMPAIR our ” Usual Logic Capability “

and DETERIORIATE our Trading Performance in the long run !!


if they claimed theirs are PRICE ACTION strategies

make sure You see if the strategies are also based on

” Logical Reasons ” from the Market ITSELF or not

else…..NO point trusting those strategies

as 99.9% of the time, they are FAKE ones

with their main intention is to LURE ” Naive Traders ”

into buying either their Services or Products !

Do be really REALLY CAREFUL of such ” Unethical tricks

used by alot of FAKE GURUS out there !

If in doubt, You can email me for advice !

Always remember this ( Little – Known ) FACT about the Forex Market :

It is a ZERO-SUM game

majority 95% only LOSE MISERABLY eventually

because they were trading like the ( Losing ) MAJORITY …..right the very start

they were also relying on the ” OBVIOUS ” things in the market to derive their bias

and with any financial market


Now that You have read through the 2 Forex Price Action Analysis I shared

You can certainly agree that I am NOT using those ” Obvious HINTS ” at all

right ?

But YET……they are so ” Effective ” – Proven !

Alright , I shall not go on anymore

else it would be SUPER-LONG

and I know most don’t like to read VERY LONG article !

Thank You for reading this far

Feel free to email me if You need to ask anything Forex Trading related

To Your ( Real ) Forex Success + Financial Freedom,

Aaron Tan ( your trading friend )

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