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What Exactly Is ” Science Of Forex (Pure) Price Action Analysis ” All About ?

One thing for sure

We are all involved in this Forex trading game

because we WANT to make a NICE INCOME $$$ from trading the Forex market

And since the FOREX NEWS available to us are ALWAYS LATE & OUTDATED

( because the Big Boys & Big Banks have ” always ” already MADE Their Move )

our only HOPE is to rely on ” Chartings ” to help derive our Buy or Sell bias

Agree so right ?

But what are available on a typical ” Chart ” then ?

Obviously a typical chart is filled with ” Random Price Behaviour

and that is also => ” Price Behaviour in their RAW Form “

which is the net result of ALL the ” Different Buying + Selling Sentiments ” combined

from all the traders involved in the market for that certain period

And Why I Chose to ONLY RELY on these ( RAW ) PRICE ACTION in the market

to help derive my Buy or Sell bias

( Since 2007 when I first started …that is )

instead of those ” Hot ” Textbook Technical Indicators that Majority 95% are crazy about ?

Simple Logic actually :

Since those Textbook Technical Indicators are relying

on the ” Actual PRICE ” in the market to derive the Signal for user

then why NOT I just rely on the ” RAW PRICE ACTION ” Directly ?

Isn’t that MORE ” Accurate & Reliable ” => as they are REAL TIME Data ?

That is more Logical …..isn’t it ?

Of course NOT everyone ” thinks ” like me though

which is why while the Majority 95% are crazily chasing

after the next HOT Technical Indicator

I was Crazily Training Myself to read from the ” RAW PRICE ACTION ” on the charts !

Before I go into explaining ” too many things ” at one time

( which would only be CONFUSING & result in INFORMATION OVERLOAD for You ! )

let’s do it one thing at a time instead


and NOT trying to FORCE DOWN as much as possible

ONLY to get CHOKE !

For now, let me first help You understand about :

” What Is Exactly The Science Of

Forex ( Pure ) Price Action Analsis All About “

because since You landed on my website somehow

then it certainly shows that You are already AWARE of:


the ” Price Action Way ” of trading is by now

Right ?

( as compared to other strategies )

One thing for sure here is that:

the moment You decided to venture into the ” Price Action Way ” to trade

that is definitely a very WISE MOVE made by You !

As I am very SURE, Your trading results would start to IMPROVE progressively

and You would NOT be facing the same TERRIBLE Confusion like previously anymore

as compared to when You were relying on those Textbook Technical Indicators !

Because when You learn to trade with the ( RAW ) PRICE ACTION in the market..

You would be able to derive the ” MOST ACCURATE ” bias

for Your Buy or Sell bias

as the ” TRUE SENTIMENT ” would be much Clearer to You then !

I am so sure Your trading skill would IMPROVE SIGNIFICANTLY

once You adopt the Price Action Way to trade

because I have been running this Forex Trading Empire blog since 2009 Feb

and I have already seen many similar cases just like You

After they discarded the previous way of trading using those Textbook Technical Indicators

and switched over to learn on trading with PURE Price Action instead

weeks after weeks……months after months

they started improving & it means they are getting more ” Profit ” too

hence that would only make one ” more MOTIVATED ” to go forward

agree too ?

Ok let’s start !

Let’s say one morning after having my cup of Expresso

I want to look for a ” Good Forex Set-Up ” to nail some Valuable Pips from

and while scanning across the many different pairs

I chance upon such ” Price Action “ from a particular FX pair :

And instantly, upon seeing such ” Price Action ” ( as shown above )

I KNEW this is the ONE I HAVE to trade

as the Price Action in there is ” calling out ” to me

to grab some Valuable Pips ( & $$$$$ ) from it …that’s why !


One thing for sure here that is :

To the ” Untrained Eyes “

without any of the so called ” Textbook Technical Indicators ” plotted

such set-up as shown above is a ” No Signal Trade

But to me => One who is ” Super Trained in reading RAW PRICE ACTION “

( accumulated 8 years+ of Trading WISDOM till date ! )

such set-up is literally a ” EXTREMELY HIGH – Probability => SELLING Set-up ” !

Why I said so ?

BECAUSE these are the ” Hidden BEARISH Hints ” That I SAW in there:

1) Saw that POINT A ?

Saw how ” EXTREMELY LONG ” that BEARISH WHITE Candlestick too ?

There is Obviously => ” An EXTREME SELLING FORCE ” exisiting in the market at that LEVEL

( marked by the orange line )

2) And now that the Price has ( again ) arrived at such level

even forming another ” STRONG Bearish White CandleStick ” at POINT B

isn’t it ” Logical ” that the DOMINATING FORCE

is ( STILL ) clearly the SELLERS ( at THAT LEVEL….that is ) ?


Well….COMMON SENSE is that :

I RIDE ALONG & SELL with the Dominating Force of course…..right ?

And did the market really ” Dived Down ” after ?

Look at it Yourself :

I have to chop off the part showing Point A

else I can’t fit the rest of Point B into this picture

as I want to include the ” Zoomed-In ” version of Point B

so that You can see more clearly

And this is the ” Dive After That ” :

From the RAW PRICE ACTION on the chart

it CLEARLY tells my ” Super Trained Eyes & Mind ” that :

Selling Interest + STRONG Supply Level => It is Definitely MUCH SAFER for me to SELL

as obviously the DOMINATING FORCE at that level is ” SELLERS “

and very EXTREME SELLERS in fact !

( due to the EXTREME White Bearish LONG Candle formed )

agree too right ?

More importantly

everything is so ” crystal clear ” to me

as I am relying on the ” (Real Time) Reasons ” from the market itself !

No Lagging at all as compared to when You are relying

on those Textbook Technical Indicators

that’s why I ONLY TRUST trading with ( Pure ) RAW PRICE ACTION

all these ( 8 ) Years + !

However , please be FOREWARNED first before You are being ” intoxicated “

while trying to explore more about the ” Price Action Way ” to trade online !

You see…..

there are many ” FAKE Gurus ” posing as a PRICE ACTION Master out there

( in order to LURE more naive traders to BUY their Signals/ Sevices/ Courses/Programs…etc )

and just because they included the words ” PRICE ACTION ” in their strategy’s description

it does NOT mean they truly KNOW how to CORRECTLY trade

using the ” Pure PRICE ACTION WAY ” though !

If You happen to chance upon any while exploring online

just ask Yourself these questions :

1) How long have they been trading the ( RAW ) PRICE ACTION WAY so far ?

Any ” Proof ” for that ?

( no point just using mouth to talk only… anyone also can ….right ! )

2) Did their so called ” Price Action ” Strategy includes any Technical Indicator at all ?

If they did include one or more technical indicator

then no point learning from them

as right from the start

we want to totally DISCARD those ” textbook technical indicators”

because they are always LAGGIN behing the actual PRICE ACTION in the live market

remember ?

So what for ( again ) include those Textbook Technical Indicator into our trading …..right ?

That would only ” COMPLICATE & CLASH ” with the Price Action way to trade !!

No point really

as trading the Price Action Way should be made ” as simple as possible “

( …if not simpler ! – By Jesse Livermore )

so that everything would be “Crystal CLEAR ” to You

so that You can ” CUT through ” the Noises that are CLOUDING Your Judgement

to enable You to make the ” Most Accurate ” trading decision

definitely agree too …right ?

Now refer back to the ( RAW ) Forex Price Action’s Explanations I shared above…

Are the explanations  ” Simple ” to You ?

I certainly think so

More critically,

are You able to see the ” Dominating Force ” in the market

in a Crystal Clear manner ?

I certainly think so too

That’s the kind of  ” Simplicity ” I am talking about !

Simple Yet Deadly ACCURATE….that is !

Because from the very start

everything is derived from HOW THE MARKET BEHAVES

that’s why it is so ” Accurate & Reliable ” !

Remember…..don’t ANYHOW TRUST anyone who claimed

he /she is also a Forex Price Action Master too !

You would only get Your mind ” Intoxicated ” by learning on the Totally WRONG Things !

Always ( ALWAYS )…. remember to ” CHECK for the 2 PROOFS ” that I emphasized about earlier !

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