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Want To Make Good Profits Trading The Forex News Announcement ? Learn This Effective News Trading Strategy Then

Forex News Trading Strategy Combined With Price Actions

If You have been trading the fx market for sometime now…

Then it is already NOT new to know that Fundamental News is one of the main driver of crazy & wild price swing in the forex market…

That’s right…..Crazy, Extremely Volatile price move of at least 200 – 300 pips in just a few hours is very common with high impact news announcement.

That’s because the big players, major institutes and banks would use the results of such news announcement to decide whether to buy / sell into a currency pair/s.

Moreover, these news also directly reflect the economic health of a certain country.

So big time traders who are holding onto these currency pairs ( as assets ) would be very much affected by the economic data.

This explains why economic news announcement carries a lot of weight and impact for any traders in the market……

BECAUSE…. their results would lead to EXPLOSIVE & MASSIVE movements in the market.

When that happens, you and me can go in and make some really nice Pip ( profits ) definitely.

And in this article today :

I will be sharing on one of the highly – effective & time-tested ( again and again ) strategy to ace such highly volatile news announcement & increasing Your winning probabilily significantly.

Many traders already knew that trading the economic news announcement in the forex market can be very predictable and profitable… fact.

Well after all, the market moves simply due to traders’ bias on a certain currency profitability factor ………..right !

BUT…..the sad fact is that most traders are literally doing it all WRONG.

They tried to trade a few times…..maybe managed to win some…..lose some..

But end of the day, they are LOSING more than they win….

….So these losing traders would think that trading news in the market is NOT as easy as it seems……..NOR is it as profitable as they thought after all.

They then give it up totally and FAIL to enjoy the enormous benefits that could be achieved with trading the economic news.

While on the other hand…..some traders ( who are in the KNOW ) are secretly grabbing those valuable pips by trading the news released each week…

Making their trading account fatter and fatter progressively….

So if You’re one such trader who failed to master news trading previously……

Or……. You just want to know how to trade such volatile & profitable news announcement confidently each time….

Read on below as I share one such forex strategy on news trading – With High Accuracy.

Here we go…

Learn Highly Accurate News Trading Strategy :

For any strategy that I am using to profit the fx market..

I would ” for sure ” based it around the more powerful Price Action strategies.

Nothing can beats Price Action strategies in terms of  Reliability, Effectiveness & Profitability.

( That’s provided You already master it of course…)

So for this news announcement strategy, I will be combining these 2 elements :

1)  An Actual News Announcement Results For A Certain Currency

However, do take note that NOT ALL the news announcement are profitable for trading though.

I only look for those that are either ” Very Good …or Very Bad “…

Because when this happens, there would be ” Reaction ” from the big time traders & players…

So it would eventually lead to BIG Movements in the forex market as well…

More on that later below with examples

2)  Using Price Actions For Optimum Entry & Increase Winning Odds

Price Actions are the core data in the forex market !  No doubt….

….. and it is the closest ” hint ” any traders can siphon from the market for his/her decisions marking process.

This is due to the simple fact that Price Actions that exist in the market is very reliable and they are NOT lagging.

They are the TRUTH of the market.

So when……. WHAT You see in the market is the actual ” truth “, it would help You make More Reliable & Accurate decisions too.

That’s about it.

For this news trading strategy, I will be trading the AUD/USD..

Because the News Announcement is for the Australia Trade Balance

It is scheduled for release on Jan 11th at 0030 ( GMT )

However, the ACTUAL Result turns out to be Much Worst ( LOWER ) than the Consensus.

Here’s a screen-shot to share with You :

forex news trading strategy

forex news trading strategy

When that happens, I know there would be some good pips to be grabbed out of this trade.

Remember I told You earlier one that we are only interested with either :

….. ” A very good OR A very bad ones ” for any news trading.

So for this one, the ACTUAL Result is much ” Worst ” than the Consensus..

Hence, it is a bad one for the Aud/Usd…..& our bias is to ” ONLY ” Short / SELL this pair.

Continue reading below as I show You :

1) How to spot for the profitable price actions for optimum entry

2) How to determine what stop-loss & profit-target to use for good reward/risk ratio

Here’s the exact Set-Up I saw Just Before The News
At 0030 GMT …..

forex news trading strategy

forex news trading strategy

This is the set-up I saw at 0030 GMT – which is a litle ” Doji ” implying UNDECISIVE-ness in the market.

A very common candlestick formation prior to any impactful news announcement.

At the same time….there is also another good ” Confluence “ which I saw from this chart too.

Can You also spot it like I do ?

Nevermind, let me save you sometime for now and just show it to you below :

forex news trading strategy

forex news trading strategy

Yes, a nice ” Down Channel “ has been spotted too when I plotted the 2 trendlines as shown above.

So with the such ” Down Channel ” showing +  Exact news release WORST than actual…

It is a very STRONG  hint that our decision to ONLY ” Short / Sell ”  is much supported.

HOWEVER… always…..

I Do NOT just jump in and SHORT like that…

I would wait for a better price to get in for my sell though.

A good entry would be the 50% Pullback definitely.

If you have been following my forex tips and strategies so far…

You would known very well by now that I place a lot of emphasis on Price Pullback for all my trades.

This is very essential to achieve a Good Reward / Risk ratio.

And so I waited.

Indeed …..shortly after the news announcement, the price actually CLIMBS to the 50% fibonacci level !

After 60 minutes, the Price Pullback completed by forming a Bearish Candle.

Which is a good entry point for me by seeing that.

Like This :

forex news trading strategy

forex news trading strategy

As You can also see from the above illustrations too…

The Price hit the 50% Fibo line and bounce nicely off it…

Exactly the kind of set-up I normally would like to trade.

I enter to SELL at the price of 0.99360 ( after closed of that bear candle )

Stop- Loss set at 0.99560 ( 20 pips risk )

But How About The Profit Target ?

Just anyhow guess number ?

….Or don’t need to set at all….just see how it goes ?

Hmmm…that’s NOT my trading style..

I prefer to use the chart to derive a ” Logical ” Profit Target though.

Here’s how :

As we already spotted a Nice ” Down Channel ” previously…

So I would be using the ” Lower Limits ” of the channel for my Profit Target definitely.

forex news trading strategy

forex news trading strategy

Here’s How I Derive The Price Target :

forex news trading strategy

forex news trading strategy

I set the Profit Target just ” slightly above ” the lower limit of the channel …

And that is at the Price of 0.98860.

I do not want to set exactly at the lower limit but ” slightly above ” it instead.

This is being conservative and making it a more ” realistic ” target to be hit.

My trading style ! * smile *

Alright, let me recap the details for this trade once again :

–  Entry at Price 0.99360

–  Stop- Loss at Price 0.99560  ( 20 Pips Risk )

–  Profit Target at Price 0.98860  ( 50 Pips Rewards )

With these parameters, I am getting a Good Reward/Risk ratio of more than 2x.

Definitely a good one.

So How Did This Trade Progress After That ?

Check it out :

forex news trading strategy

forex news trading strategy

The Profit Target was hit after about 45 minutes of trading after my SELL entry.

In fact, if You see the chart above too….

You can also notice that the candle are really BEARISH with those Long Candles one after another.

And they happened shortly after that 50% Fibonacci Pullback which I am waiting for .

But why does this happens ?

Why the Price literally PLUNGED so fiercely ” shortly ” after that Pullback ?

Very simple here…..

…. And that’s because those BIG time traders & institutes, MAJOR Banks & Majority of retail traders ( like me and YOU ) are also watching such Fibonacci Retracement Levels.

In any trading game, as long as You’re following the MAJORITY…

You are going to be enjoying those Profitable Rides Of Pips too….

……& GROW Your trading account progressively !  * smile *

Here’s the earnings screen-shot for this trade to share :

( with the Entry price, Stop-Loss & TP point )

forex news trading strategy

forex news trading strategy

A nice profits of Usd $2k for this trade.

Spending about 2hrs+ in one morning….

Not too bad isn’t it ..?

Normally about this time of the morning between 8am – 10pm, I will be spending on workouts.

Either at the gym or pool downstairs.

But for today, I have to skip that because I am watching this news announcement which scheduled for release at 0030 GMT ( about 0830 am in Singapore )

The Set-Up is too good to give it a missed actually….* smile *

I missed my exercises for one morning….but made $2k for this trade…

Worth it at all ?

You tell me ….* smile *

So What’s The Conclusion For This Trade Then ?

You seen the results ( & profits ) from this AudUsd trade based on news trading strategy.

You seen the entire decision making process as well..

Is it hard at all ?

Yes and NO….right ?

Yes…it is hard IF You don’t know how to do it…

NO…it is NOT hard at all but rather EASY once You can see things like I do……

Agree as well ?

So my conclusion is that – IF You are NOT confident in trading such volatile & highly impactful news announcment yet…

Perhaps spending a little bit more effort to master what You should then…

It would definintely PAY OFF and reward You very well in the long run too .

Remember this :

A very bad or very good News Announcement..

Combined with Simple Price Actions in the forex market..

It can really give You a ( Very ) High Winning Accuracy….no doubt about this.

No point worrying about getting caught in the WRONG direction because the market is too volatile..

There’s no need to be feeling fearful or worrying about Your trade at all – Once You can
combined these 2 Critical Elements for such News Announcement trades as well.

Alright. So much for this strategy on :

Combining Fundamental News Announcement + Simple Price Actions in the market

Practise it…..Master it…

And then add this Powerful news trading strategy to Your arsenal – To help You profit from the forex market with high confidence & accuracy in no time !


Recommended News Trading Program

– For You Guys Who Are Serious About Learning More

News Profiteer Program

news profiteer guide

news profiteer guide

This News Profiteer program is created by a professional trader name Hentry Liu.

Whom successfully Profited more than Usd$100k in just 90 days solely trading fundamental news..

Spending only 2 hours daily from home.

And now he has created an ebook which explains the exact same news trading strategy and made available to help other traders in need.

Having read through the 100+ pages ebook, I must confess that the news trading strategies revealed in there are actually ” Very Unconventional & Unique “.

I have not seen them anywhere else …….no joke.

Also, as a member, You will also get his daily LIVE ” insider ” commentaries & tips on trading
upcoming news release.

I know there are a lot of merchants out there that simply ” disappear ” once you purchased their program.

But not for the case of Henry’s news profiteer program.

He is always around contributing his ” insider ” tips to help and guide fellow members along.

Worth checking out…… if You’re serious about learning More Effective, Proven & Time-Tested News trading strategies to ace the fx market.

Here’s the link for You to read more on the News Profiteer Program :


Happy checking out ya.

Thanks for reading this far.

Aaron Tan ( your trading friend )

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