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Tremendous Benefits You Can Enjoy With Forex Trading ! Here’s Why

Ever since Forex Trading has been made accessible for retail traders to trade online , it’s popularity has been growing at an ” Exponential Rate “.

This is due to one simple fact – And it is none other than the ” tremendous benefits ” forex trading has to offer.

Even traders who used to be active in other financial tools ( such as options or conventional stocks trading ) would not give this forex market a miss.

Well…when this is a lot of money to be made from any financial market and especially when the profits can be made ” Fast & Exponentially “……which trader would resist it right ?

In this post, I shall share some of the major benefits You would get to enjoy too by trading the forex market.

Here we go :

1)  You Can Profit 24 Hrs From The Forex Market

The forex market is open for trading 24 hours a day and 5 days each week.

Hence as a trader, You can choose to trade anytime You want and in any market conditions You want..

…Which also means You can trade early in the morning ” before work “….OR late at night ” after work ”  – This kind of 24 hours market definitely makes it very convenient for any forex trader ( trade and make profits ) anytime they feel like it !  )

This is indeed a BIG PLUS point as compared to the stocks market – As it is NOT a 24 hours market and resulted in stocks trader needing to stay up ( late ) to trade most of the time……” sleepy…hmmmm” !

Because there is a ” closing period ” for  the stocks market, as such it is very prone to GAPPING which most stocks trader detest very much.

For a 24 hours market like forex, Gap is hardly seen. Perhaps only on a Monday morning when the banks are closed for the weekend.

Bottom line is that with a 24 hours market, You can generally find a trading period that suit Your trading style !

2) You ” SURE Can ” Buy Or Sell Your Positions Anytime

Forex trading is the largest financial market in the world and because it is a 24 hours market, the ” liquidity ” is excellent.

How does this benefits You then ?

Anytime You wish to Buy Or Sell a position, You can do so WITHOUT having to worry about Your orders not getting filled.

Which also equate to having the ” freedom ” of You entering and exiting the market anytime You wish.

3) Plenty Of Free Forex Resources Online For You

Be it news, forums filled with trading strategies, website filled with forex tips, video sites that offer Live trading videos or the many types of different trading platforms  – These resources are easily obtainable for FREE online indeed.

The main trick is to know what are the reliable ones You should learn from ! But with so many informative and reliable forex forums around providing helpful reviews, the tasks of finding good ones are indeed made simple with that.

4)  Low Trading Cost & NO Commissions Charged

In forex trading, there is no clearing house or exchange but simply an Over The Counter ( OTC ) market.

As such, the trading cost is very low, commissions and clearing fees are also being eliminated from the transaction costs.

5) You Can Trade ” Micro, Mini Or Standard ”  Lots Size

Whether You have $50,000 or just $50 to start trading the forex market, You can do so without any restrictions.

Most of the brokers offer these lots size : MICRO, MINI Or STANDARD

Micro :  1 pip about $0.10

Mini :  1 pip about $1.00

Standard :  1 pip about $10

So it’s up to You to choose what kind of lot size You want to trade..

Of course, if You are just a beginner ( or struggling intermediate ), it would definitely be good to start ” small ”  ( mini lots size ) to build up Your trading confidence as well as trading skills…

No point trying to risk huge capital ( hoping to get big returns ) but only to lose ALL Your funds to the market end of the day…..making You frustrated, Sad and Miserable…

6) The Power Of ” LEVERAGE ” In Forex Trading

One of the most powerful element that makes forex trading so Superior over other financial tools is the ” Huge Leverage ” it offers.

Using the standard leverage of 1 : 100 , You can simply invest only USD$1,000 and trade up to USD$100,000 of currency value.

It is this kind of HUGE Leverage that enable forex traders to get very good profits ( as well as Return On Investment – ROI ) in a relatively short time.

However, this is in fact a double edge sword – As any financial tool which You can use to make money fast, You can also LOSE money fast as well..

BUT….with proper ” Calculated Risk ” brought into consideration and trading with a GOOD RISK/REWARD ratio each time, You do not need to worry about the losing part generally…

Why so ?

Because with a GOOD Risk/Reward ratio, each time You lose, You lose less. But when You WIN, You are going to WIN Much More !

Having said that, some brokers even offer up to 400x leverage previously…( but recently the NFA has been restricting down to just 100x maximum –  But still….it is really good enough to make forex a very powerful tool  )

7) You Can Even Earn Interests For Some Positions

In Forex trading, You are basically trading currencies and it is always a Pair ( 2 different ones ).

As such, for some positions, You can even earn interests when You hold the position for a certain period.

These 7 benefits are some of the major ones retail traders ( like You and Me ) can enjoy – No Doubt!

They are definitely not all of course…..but good enough for anyone to see the power of  forex trading at this point ( having read through them )

Next, allow me to share a comparisons ( between stocks and futures ) to help You understand better :

Forex Benefits Comparison

Forex Benefits Comparison

Alright, so much for this article on the ” Tremendous BenefitsYou can enjoy with forex trading…

I hope You are getting a clearer picture now ( if You don’t previously ) and finally understand why so many people are jumping into this forex market ” HOPING To SUCCEED “…

With so many benefits this trading game can offer, many people sure cannot resist the temptation of ” wanting to try it out as well “….right ?

Due to this fact, people who are willing to learn the ” proper ways to trade the forex market ” would enjoy ( nice profits ) in the long run…

Whereas those that choose to take the ” Short Cut Method Or Get Rich Quick Mentality ” only suffer HUGE Disappointment end of the day……and of course losing all their trading capital

Learn the ” right ways to trade ” from the very beginning can definitely save You a lot of unnecessary frustration and misery in the long run

SO……if You’re  still a beginner ( or struggling to make money from forex )…..You know which is the ” wiser ” path to choose now…. right ? * smile *

Next article I am doing to write about is on :

” How Do YOU Make Money Trading The Forex Market ! “

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