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This Is How I Train My Students To SEE HIDDEN DANGERS In The FOREX MARKET !

Majority of the traders only care about => ” Trading the Trend ”

Down-trend….they SELL accordingly

Up – Trend….they BUY accordingly

and then rely on ” Good Reward vs Risk ratio ”

to ( hopefully ) help them WIN more….. than they LOSE……

in this ” Probability Game ” !

I am very sure Majority of Traders out there already trading with such ” Approach “

but why is it that MORE THAN 90% would Simply FAIL and GIVE UP eventually ?

Did You EVER SERIOUSLY Thought About It At All ??

I certainly don’t think so…..right ?


Let me tell You the HARD TRUTH :


It’s simply because most just could NOT ” (Consistently)  filter ”

the Good Trades From the USELESS Trades that would mostly make them LOSE !!

That’s why it is so ” common ” for most to => Win sometimes…..Lose sometimes

and ONLY ” barely Break-even ” in the long run   !

( It has been proven within just 3 – 5 years ! And that’s certainly NOT enough to put the magic of Compounding to help grow Your current SMALL account size at all ! )

I could achieve such ” Solid Trading Performance ”

and even managed to formulate my new 100% Winning Strategies

( verified track record somemore )

It is NOT because I am SUPER SMART though

but it’s purely because I can SEE the ” Hidden Dangers ” that MOST CAN”T

hence I am able to ” avoid ” them

and don’t FALL PREY to those HIDDEN DANGERS like most…!

As such, it has enabled me to achieve ” VERY HIGH WINNING  % “….end of the day

( as compared to those who CAN”T SEE the HIDDEN DANGERS in the market

& hence CAN”T filter Trades….. as Effective as I do…. )

…that’s only Logical ….isn’t it ?

And in my 100% Winning Coaching Program

I would also capture ” HIDDEN DANGERS ” from the LIVE market

and then allow fellow students to LEARN & EXPERIENCE THEM in REAL TIME too !

At the sametime, I would also ask them ” Tricky ” questions

( Yes, these are the QUESTIONS that majority 95% simply have NO CLUE ABOUT ! )

in order to GUIDE them to ” Start FIGURING OUT ” all the HOWs…

This is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to train anyone to be a TRUE TRADING MASTER !  ( like ME  )

One who has his / her OWN set of => ” Independent Thinking & Trading Belief “

so that he / she would NOT follow the HERD ( anymore ) ….like they used to …!

When You follow the HERD……You would only suffer SAME OUTCOME like them

because MORE THAN 90% would SURELY FAIL in the long run !

This is a Nasty ZERO-SUM game………remember right ?

I am so confident that such ” Trainings’ Approach

( that I designed ) ” is the MOST EFFECTIVE

because that was exactly HOW I ” trained myself  from Scratch “…. ( since 2006-2007 period  )

which enabled me to achieve my current => ” Extraordinary Trading Capability “

that I Possessed Today !

* ahem *


I have included an actual Report about my ” HIDDEN DANGERS’ ” trainings

( that I specifically designed for students in my 100% Winning Coaching Program )

for You to view on.

=> Download my HIDDEN DANGERS Trainings Report Here

( right click & ” save as ” )

Read through it ” carefully ”

and let me know if You are also keen on ” undergoing such ( Powerful ) Trainings “ as well !

I am ( very ) SURE NOT a single forex school around provides such trainings

as these trainings are ” very time consuming “…

…it would certainly eat into their TIME and Profit !


Thank You for reading this far

To Your ( Real ) Forex Success & Financial Freedom,

Aaron Tan ( your trading friend )

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