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” Massive Pips Riding ” Forex Trading Strategy

If you have ever wonder how you can safely capture the ” Maximum Pips ” during a Massive Breakout..

Then this Forex Trading Strategy is ” one ” that you would be very interested for sure.

This is indeed one very powerful forex trading strategy to attack the market and rake in between 500 – 1000 pips in just one single trade.

I have personally deploy this strategy a few days back on 2 of the yen crosses and it gave me a really good ride on the ” Massive” Profits wave.

Out of the 2 trades I executed..

I shall use one of them to illustrate to you how I scan & set-up this profitable trade.

one of them is the EURJPY & for this….I managed to captured about 700+ Pips

Which help me grow my account by a nice USD $7844 +

Here’s an outline on how I execute this powerful forex trading strategy and how you can do the same too.

And with this method, you need to open 2 Lots at the same time.

I have included a screen-shot for you to understand better…

This is a trade for ( EUR/JPY ).

Massive Pips Forex Strategy

Massive Pips Forex Strategy

As you can see from the picture above…

The formation of ” Good Set-Up For LONG ” is the entry point for my trade.

I confirm this is a good set-up based on my ” usual” price pattern analysis as taught in this forex blog of mine.

( Basically for this set-up, both the Bullish & Bearish candle are about the ” Same Size “…which is also known as the TWEEZER BOTTOM & it is a very good Reversal set-up!)

( AND….they are sitting nicely on the one of the major ” Resistance “ previously )

A very good set-up for a ” Reversal ” I called it….

So what does ” Reversal ” here means to you ?

I see it as a continuation of the UPTREND previously…

And with abit of fundamental analysis, I can tell the market is rather BULLISH too..

So having calculated my Risk/Reward ratio and the critical ” Stop-Loss ” value…

It is a really ideal set-up for me.

I then open 2 ” Lots ” at the same time at the price of 118.36 ( shown on the picture )

– 1st Lot with TP = 250 pips, SL = 117.66

– 2nd Lot with TP = not set , SL = 117.66

( I do not need to set TP for the 2nd Lot because I would be riding the maximum pips throughout until the trend loss the stream ..)

Hope at this point you understand what I’m talking about.

If you don’t….try reading again..

And once I entered the market..

The market keep charging up in an extremely BULLISH way…

To provide me with further confirmation, there is a BULL FLAG along the halfway mark too..

Which is a good sign definitely.

The up trend went up strongly in just a few hours…

….and hit the TP for my 1st lot @ 120.86

For a nice profits of  250 Pips. ( my usual profits target for this pair )

Here’s the screen-shot of the ” 1st Lot ” order to share:

Massive Pips Forex Strategy

250 Pips Profits = USD $2680+ for the 1st Lot.

The main trick of this forex trading strategy which you need to know is…

When the 1st Lot hit the TP..

You would need to shift the SL of the 2nd Lot to ” BREAK-EVEN ” point. ( remember to add in the spreads too )

So that even if the price were to reverse and hit the SL….you would NOT lose !

But if the price continues to go in the desirable direction….

Your account would be growing happily and make you laughing to the bank .

This is exactly what happen to this trade for the 2nd Lot…

Here’s another screen-shot to help you understand better  :

( After all…a picture is worth more than a thousand words right ! )

Massive Pips Forex Strategy

Massive Pips Forex Strategy

Again….from the picture above.

You can see that after the ” BIG BULL FLAG “….

The price still continues to climb and climb…from the opening price 118.36 ( same as Lot 1 )

Upon seeing the ” 2nd BULL FLAG “…

It gives me another firm indication that I can still ” Hold On ” to this LONG position for further Pips ( Profits )..

After that….

The price took a break and range for a few hours forming a nice level ” Support “ ( you can see from the picture too )

When you have been trading for awhile using my price pattern analysis….

You would know that when a price forms a somehow ” level Support “…

It could get tricky with the direction

Because it shows that the market is uncertain

Uncertain means I have to get out pretty soon too…*Suspicious Grin*

So when I see that the price actually plunge down and broke that ” Level Support “…

I choose to exit the ” 2nd Lot ” at price of 123.35

Here’s the screen-shot of the order to share :

Massive Pips Forex Strategy

2nd Lot closed at price of 123.35 ( about 499 Pips )

Total Pips Profits = USD $5163 +

Therefore the total of  ” 1st Lot + 2nd Lot ” = USD $7844 + ( like I mentioned at the start..)

If you notice the ” S/L ” in the screen-shot..

It has been shifted to the break-even point.

This is the trick for this method.

Because the main objective of the 2nd Lot is to ride “ FREELY & SAFELY” for Maximum Pips that the market can give you.

Even if the price do reverse and hit the Stop-Loss…

You and I have nothing to lose right !


Because we have 2 Lots here….

So if unluckily….we got hit right from the start…

It would mean we would lose 70 x 2 = 140 Pips for our SL.

But comparing the Risk/Reward once again :

Risk / Reward = 140 pips / 750 pips

That’s a ratio of at least 1: 5 !

Ask any trader: ” Is this a good ratio…”

And I dare say ……No-one ( in the right mind ) would disagree…keke.

Of cause…

In order to get this kind of  good Risk/Reward ratio…

The ” Ideal ” set-up must be there too..

Although this kind of set-up do not occur daily…

But from my own observations…

It does happen at least ” Once ” weekly….

( That’s provided ….you also can see WHAT I see…. )

Now ask yourself…

If this kind of price pattern occurs only ” Once ” every week….

And it means you only have to trade just ” Once “…

To capture those ” Massive Pips & Profits “… it nice for you ?

It is definitely nice for me I must confess.

Purely by using this powerful method across 2 currencies namely Eur/Jpy & Gbp/Jpy

I have profited a total of Over USD $15,000 ( combined )

Plus other positions earlier this month…

It adds up to about USD $25,000 of nice profits added to my account for compounding this month.

( And the best thing is that….I DO NOT trade every single day none do I have to ” GLUE” to the computer screen !)

I am trading on a 1 hour, 4 hour and daily chart….so I do not have to check my positions often.

When I am out enjoying with my family, I would use either my laptop or smart phone to check my positions.

How nice rite ? *smile*…

Now that the USD$ is so STRONG vs. Singapore Dollars..

USD $25,000 would be about Sing $37,500 ( After conversion )

This is roughly the average amount I made monthly..

But I would normally withdraw a small portion of it for my expenses, family and own savings.


Recently I have been eyeing the NEW NISSAN SKYLINE GTR35….

Do you know that car ?

It is a very awesome Japanese Performance Car..

Built and Born for the Track definitely..

Definitely a MEN’s Toy ! LOL…

If you do not know how ” beasty” this super fast car looks like..

Here’s a picture of this awesome car to share :



I am kinda attracted to this car ( I must admit I am a jap performance car freak )

The costs is about USD $200k in my country ( Singapore ).

Definitely worth the price tag ( if one can afford ) considering it is a “ Super Car “.

On the other hand..

Since the financial crisis hit the world so badly months back….

Everything is so CHEAP now…

Particularly the Stocks & Properties…

2 essential tools to help you and me build even more wealth..

I am contemplating whether to invest in a men’s toy such as GTR35..

Or start buying into these investments that would ” yield me better returns ” end of the day…

After all….cars ONLY depreciate…

But…..Sigh……still a BUT ….

Never mind…I shall see how’s my account ” growing status ” in the next 3 months.

Then I decide ….

Is that the correct way ?

( One more thing….my wife don’t really like me to waste my money on cars ( ESPECIALLY when there are already 2 Cars namely a ” Mitshibishi Evolution & One Bmw ) at home now ! And now I am getting a 3rd One ?  ….shhhhss…..hehe …hope she don’t read this blog anytime )

OK !

Let’s Switch Topic now….( Stop the Gtr35 thingy…else I would go non-stop !)

Back to forex trading..

In fact…I have been trading in such ” manner ” for years now.

And I only rely on mainly ” Price Actions & Patterns “.. ( not really into technical indicators anymore )

Because it is the most accurate ( at least to me )

** Price Actions & Patterns = Sentiment Of The Market.

Most important reason is that :

By using Price Actions & Patterns’ analysis for my trading..

Not only am I getting more successful trades..

I am also trading more confidently too..

And really enjoying almost every trade I took  – Which I think is very IMPORTANT for logical decision making.

When you are fearful or stress about trading….

You tend to make ILLOGICAL decisions and it is more of  like ” Gambling ” instead of trading for you.

That is definitely not a healthy or profitable way to trade I think…


So much for this powerful forex trading strategy which I called it the ” Massive Pips  Riding ” method.

If you like my trading style based solely on ” Price Pattern “….

Then do feel free to visit my little blog on Forex Trading Empire to check out my posts regularly. ( Daily also can if you want…*smile* )

Till then…..

Happy trading, Happy HUNTING…..& EVEN MORE ” Explosive & Massive ” Pips for you too!

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