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If You DON’T HAVE ENOUGH Retirement Fund, It’s Going To Be VERY Miserable !

In this article, I am not talking about anything related to Forex Trading

or Forex Price Action Strategies

Rather, I am talking about an issue which I Feel is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than those !

( One that ALL Humans SHOULD NOT IGNORE….but yet MOST still DO ! )

Read on below and You will understand why.

There Is a Very Serious Problem With Most Humans

That is :


…without even giving a heck about :


WHEN THEY HIT 50 to 60 Years of ( Old ) age !!

When You hit that OLD Age of 50 – 60 Years


If You don’t have at least SGD$1,000,000 to retire with

( as in don’t need to work anymore )

Can You imagine ” How Torturing ” is it…… to live

on a day by day basis… ?

By then :

1) You would NOT have the Stamina + Vigor to work as hard anymore

( as compared to NOW )

2) Critical Illness would surely hit all  ( including You )

as that is part of the ageing process for ALL HUMANS !

( The medical and treatment bills would be a SUPER-HEAVY BURDEN…..that’s for sure ! )

And if  => You DO NOT have at least $1,000,000 to last You for

another 20 Years at least

which is about :

=> about $50,000 a year to spend on

=> which equates to about $4167 per month to live on

If You have a ” car ” to take care of


You want to ” go for nice vancation ONCE ” a year too

then this ( Small ) amount of  => JUST $4167 might NOT be enough for You

that’s for sure !

Majority out there simply have NO CLUE about what I ” shared ” above at all

and when they ” arrived ” at the 50 – 60 Years old Phase of Life

( commencement of our Official OLD AGE …that is )

it would be ” FAR TOO LATE ” to do anything then

unless You don’t mind to be at the mercy of ” others ”

=> needing to ” Stretch out Your hands ASKING for $$$$ “

hoping they would give You some money to spend when You need it ….

Well….the feeling of  =>  ” NEEDING to stretch out our hands to ask for $$$ “

=> & ” At The Mercy Of Others’s …”

is definitely like shit…..!!

Am sure You agree too…

Surely…..Nothing beats having the ” $1,000,000 ” on Your own

as You literally have the FREEDOM to spend on things YOU WANT


You see…

there’s something ” very different ” about me

that made me SO SUCCESSFUL in this financial trading game

whereas majority 95% out there would only FAIL MISERABLY in 3 – 5 Years time  ….PROVEN !

That’s because I am :

1) always ” Planning Ahead ” in a REALISTIC + DOWN-TO-EARTH manner

2) relying on ” sound Logic ” to plan a strategy in order to achieve my FINAL GOAL

3) always ” Learning ” the Successful Formula of other ULTRA RICH people

and most importantly..

4) always learning about their ” MINDSET & BELIEF “

because those are the KEYs => enabling them to achieve their KIND of success


not because they are SUPER-SMART than others  ( as most believed so )


it is because they have ” DIFFERENT MINDSET ”

as well as ” SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY ” from the majority

that’s why they became so ULTRA RICH

whereas majority are still SLAVING away in their day-job

in order to pay off all the Housing Loans… loans……DEBTS …etc…

Very ” little ” left to truly enjoy life …that is !

Of course now that =>  You are still RATHER YOUNG ( Perhaps )

…still have the STAMINA & VIGOR to work hard for a Bigger Paycheck

( then most likely )……You might NOT ” Give a Heck ” about whether :

=> would You Have ENOUGH Retirement Fund or not

once You hits the 50 – 60 Years old Phase of life

But like I already said above

by the time You HIT 50 – 60 Years Old

and ONLY to realize that

You DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH to Retirement ” Comfortably “

for the next 20 Years ( at least )

it would be FAR TOO LATE….then !

Agree so ?


Since ” Time ” is STILL on Your side now

Why NOT ” Start ” Your Journey to Accumulate

at least $1,000,000 in life ?


With Just $5000

Compounding at 5% per month

Compound for 10 Years

=> You would hit a Nice $1,500,000 !


With slightly more at $10,000

Compounding at 5% per month

Compound for 10 Years

=> You would hit a SOLID $3,200,000 !!


NO other investment around is capable of delivering such kind of SOLID ROI

that’s for sure !

Yes….Not even the conventional ( Favorite ) => Property investments or Equities

because with a ” Proven & Time-Tested FOREX Trading Approach ”

We would be making GOOD Profit as well

even during a ” BEAR MARKET “

But when You invest in Property

can You make money in a BEAR Market ?

( such as the current Property market in Singapore due to the Cooling Measures implemented by the government )

You certainly CAN”T at all !

But once You have Master a Proven & Time – Tested FOREX Trading Approach ( as well )

You could STILL ” happily ” Profit CONSISTENTLY

even during a BEAR market !

Because You would be => ” SHORTING ( Happily ) ” …….that’s why !

* smile *

That is exactly WHY

no other investment around

is able to COME CLOSE to the kind of RETURN we’re generating !!

Just $5000

Compound for 5% per month

Just 10 Years => The same $5000 would be EXPLODED into $1,500,000


Maths don’t lie !

Agree ?




Ever give it a SERIOUS THOUGHT about :

How Much Retirement Fund You would have …when You hit 50 – 60 Years OLD AGE too ?


You are also like the majority of ” Naive Losers ” out there

by BLINDLY believing this :

” Well….don’t need to worry at all

I WOULD NOT get any Critical ILLNESS one…

I would still be as strong as NOW

and able to work still

hence sure got monthly paycheck to live life one….! “

That’s a => Very….VERY NAIVE MINDSET ……that’s for sure !

Are You also LIKE THAT ??

If You are…

I really URGE You to ” Please WAKE UP ” Your idea once and for all

because now that You still have ” TIME on Your side “

do make use of  it WISELY

( and allow Your MONEY TO WORK HARD for You …as SOON AS POSSIBLE ! )

once time wasted

You could NOT turn back time anymore

Please DO REMEMBER that….. my friend !

But by merely start ” taking action ” NOW

1) By mastering a => Proven + Time-Tested Trading Approach

( Remember, You can’t trade like the Majority 95% out there as this is a ZERO-SUM Game ! )

2) By allowing Your small $5000 – $10,000


In 5 – 10 Years time

You would be living a => ” Truly Happy Retirement Life ” still

as compared to the majority of NAIVE individuals… ( or Your friends )

who simply DON”T GIVE A HECK about it NOW….

* frown *

So don’t just think about ” Enjoying NOW ”

and spending MOST of Your Monthly Salary !

It is FAR MORE CRUCIAL… ask Yourself this ( NOW ) :

” Do You have ENOUGH Retirement Income to help You Live Till at least 85 Years Old Or not ? ”

Are You really going to Live with Just SGD$1000 to $1500 A MONTH ?

I don’t think so….right !!

So please do ” PLAN about Your Retirement Fund ” ….( STARTING Now )

by Saving MORE from Your Monthly Paycheck & then start MASTERING

the Skill-Set required in order for You to WIN Consistently from Forex Trading.

In this way, You can then make the MONEY WORK HARD FOR YOU

so as to achieve the LUMP SUM required for Your Retirement

in the => ” Fastest & Most Realistic Way ” Possible !

Thanks for reading this far

Feel free to drop me an email if You need to

To Your ( REAL ) Forex Success & FINANCIAL FREEDOM,

Aaron Tan ( Your trading friend )

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