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How to Protect Yourself From Buying Into Forex Systems That Are Scam ?

how to avoid forex scam

how to avoid forex scam

When a market is ( VERY ) Lucrative, one thing would sure happen…

And that is – It would attract tons of  SCAMMERS to come in and have a fair share of the big fat money pie too.

Sadly……. forex trading is one such market that are filled with ” Scammers & Vicious Merchants ” all around selling their so called “ Holy Grail “ of forex trading.

So given the fact that scammers are all around in this market, how can YOU avoid falling into buying their Scams then?

In fact….if You don’t know this yet…. ( do read the below carefully and inprint that once and for all into Your brain from now onwards ! )

Nowadays, scammers are getting better and better with their persuasion skills indeed….

…… and most of the time, it is seemingly impossible to detect any flaw or loop-hole in their product’s sale message.

Because they generally targeing on both Your strong desire to succeed ….( and the GREED of those seeking to Get-Rich-Quick ! )…

Once You put Yourself in such a vulnerable position , You would literally BLIND Yourself to any logical thoughts then….with Your total defence system down too…

When that happen, You would happily buy into their products ” So Willingly ” ….( perhaps even thinking that You have got Yourself a super good deal and a HOLY-GRAIL system ! )

That is the true capability of those true scammers and truly consider a kind of ( dark ) manipulation technique they use – No joke!

If You have been unfortunate and been scammed previously, then You would know better how ” Being Cheated ” it is……right ?

( Really shitty feeling to realize that we have been CHEATED & GOT SCAMMED ….no doubt ! )

I myself have bought into more than 20 scammed products too during my beginner’s days while trying to learn forex trading the right way.

These vicious merchants managed to take advantage of innocent victims – BECAUSE they understand the so called consumers’ mindset very well ( much better than the consumers’ themselves ! ).

( PS: After all…..which human beings do not want the quickiest & easiest method/system to get RICH QUICK …right ? )

Below are a few simple yet effective rules I am sharing to help minimize the possibility of being SCAMMED online:

1)  AVOID anything that makes it sound too good to be true (  especially when they promise amazing returns )….. This is especially true for most “ Automatic “ systems or the so called Forex Robot.

2)  From my own observations, if a particular systems make bold claims and even try to charge very high price ( more than 500 bucks for some ebooks You can download instantly ), then it would be good that You avoid it.

3)  Lastly, always make sure that there is a money back refund policy or something to minimize Your risk – should the system does NOT deliver their claim.

Let’s face the truth here……

There is no way to tell whether it is a proven system or merely SCAM merely by reading their sales page. The only way is to test the system out Yourself.

Hence, a good and trustable product should at least comes with some form of refund policy just to be fair to the buyers.

Follow these 3 guidelines I shared above BEFORE You jump into the next forex product purchased that You cannot resist…..

….and You can generally save yourself ( and your pocket ) some unnecessary trouble…..* smile *

Just bear in mind that most scammers are targeting the “ Greedy side & Our Strong Desire to achieve things easily “ with us humans after all! …( remember…..remember ! )

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