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How To Design A Forex Trading Strategy That Truly Works !

It is without a doubt that there are tonnes of  forex trading strategies You can get to learn online…

Whether the forex strategies are from forex forums or other traders’ blog….it doesn’t matter…

Because the simple fact is that there are way ” too many ” different forex trading strategies You can learn for free…

Which in the process….might be giving You more confusions than helping You.

Just like the old saying of ….” Too many choices can be really confusing & BAD ! “…..

If You have been relying on others’ forex strategies to trade the market….BUT somehow just could not REALLY make consistent profits no matter what…

Then maybe it’s time You consider designing Your very own Forex Trading Strategy

And it is really simple as long as You understand some ” Truth ” about how the price moves in a forex market…

Let me give You an example on this sentence here :

We all know that technically….there are 3 directions that the price would be moving namely :

1) Up – Trend ….? ( Bullish )
2) Down – Trend …? ( Bearish )
3) Sideway or Ranging ( Uncertain )

That’s about it…..

It is not difficult to know this but STILL……no doubt most traders ” THOUGHT ” they know all that :

“….OK…it’s a Up-Trend now…..I shall BUY…”


“….I see the Trend is down now….I shall SELL …”

Sounds rather simple indeed……but how come only 5% of traders in the WORLD really make profits consistently ?

What’s happen to the other 95% ?

They lose miserably….again and again….after bursting their account ( or ACCOUNTS….)..

If YOU are still not in the category of ” Bursting ” Your account……

…then consider Yourself lucky as what You are going to learn here might change Your view on forex trading…

And even Super-charge Your success…..No joke !

But how ?

Easy….just understand that in the forex market….there are certain ” fix ” pattern You can take advantage of in order to put all odds on Your side.

Such as …?

It is none other than the ” Price Pullback / Retracement “…..

Whether it is a Up-Trend……or Down-Trend….

There would SURE be a ” Price Pullback / Retracement ” period which You can enter with a good Reward/Risk ratio

So in order to design Your very own Forex Trading Strategy that truly works…

It has to tap into this ” Price Pullback “….and fully take advantage of it..

Let’s say it is a Down-Trend now…..and the Price ” Already move / breakout “…..

Are You going to jump in straight away and anyhow plant a stop-loss value just because other traders said that THEY ALSO use that amount of Pips for it ?

Absolute no…!

That would work sometimes but if You want to truly put all odds on Your side….

You really have to get the ” HINT “ from the market itself……especially the PRICE ACTION.

Here’s what I mean by a ” Pull-Back ” during a DOWN-TREND to share :

Forex Pullback Trading Strategy

Forex Pullback Trading Strategy

The amazing thing is that…..

…Whether it’s in a Up-trend, Down-trend or Sideway market….

This ” Price Pullback ” would definitely exists and it is just a matter of spotting them and then enter into the prevailing trend.

(….and strategically plant the stop-loss just on the top of the pull-back….)

Moreover… is also the ONLY phenomenon that would occur in the market no matter what the direction is…

So in order for You to design a forex trading strategy that TRULY works…

You just got to design this strategy around the ” Price – Pullback ” factor …

It is when You ENTER during a Price- Pullback that You can achieve a good Reward/Risk ratio each time You trade..

Combined with sound money management….You would have no problem raking in consistent profits from Your trading week after week…month after month..

( …Just like I do…..* smile * )

Nothing beats being able to trade the forex market confidently and knowing that each time You enter into a trade…..You are in fact putting all odds on Your side !

This feeling is indeed very nice…..

Try it and You will know….

So…..isn’t it time You design a Forex Trading Strategy that Truly works after this …?

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