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How Many Forex Positions Do I Trade Per Month Now ?

Over the last 6 Years+ of running this Forex Trading Empire blog

this was one of the most commonly asked questions

( even till date )

So instead of having more people asking me this same question in future

I think it it better that I write a post sharing about my answers ( once & for all ) here today

” hopefully ” lesser people will email me asking about it ( again & again ) in future !

( My Answers ) :

While I was still on the mission of ” Compounding ” my once SMALL account size

I had been trading very frequently

in the range of at least 20 – 30 trades per month

and that was during the 2008 – 2012 period

( I started FX on 2007 )

Later below I shall share with You an article

in which You can get to FEEL a ” typical trading month for me ” back then

Because on 2012 JAN, I actually shared every single trades I captured

( for that month )

with all my fellow subscribers in my newsletter service

to prove that I am INDEED the ” Walk The Talk ” kind

( NOT those that merely use ” mouth to talk only but nothing to show ! )

Fast forward to today – 2015 Sept

as my account size has already been Successfully ” Compounded ”

into a rather BIG one ( Yes, using entirely Pure Price Action Strategies ! )

hence I do NOT need to trade that frequent anymore

Because once Your trading account reached say => $500,000

and by merely making 5% gain from that $500,000

that’s already a nice $25,000 Profit for You to enjoy on

But if Your trading account is JUST => $50,000

of course You NEED to achieve at least 50% gain

in order to rake in the Equivalent $25,000 kind of trading profit

See the HUGE Difference now when You actually have a BIGGER account size ?

( Yes, Same Effort But EVEN MORE $$$ to Enjoy ! )

Of course , YOU and me are here with one common goal

& that is HOPING to make a ” Nice Monthly Income ” to enjoy life

right ?

Hence in order to SURVIVE & WIN in the long long time to come

we simply CANNOT aim for such 50% Kind of INSANE GAIN at all

as that is just TOO RISKY and NOT SUSTAINABLE !

One thing for sure here, that is :

If You have been trading for at least 3 – 5 Years so far by now ( too )


then You would certainly agree with me on that above

( about why we should NOT chase after those INSANE Kind Of Monthly Gain )

But if You’re the ” opposite case “

meaning You have been chasing for INSANE kind of Gain

like the majority 95% out there…. till now

( & already BLOWN at least one or more of Your Live accounts perhaps )

Then of course You would NOT understand why it is CRITICAL

that You DO NOT AIM for INSANE kind of Gain such as 50% per month !

But I do Hope You would ” UNDERSTAND ” as soon as possible !

( after reading all the important articles I wrote to share here on my blog )

So if You are also one who is serious about ENJOYING a ” Nice Monthly Income ”

( of perhaps $10k / mth for a start ? )

then You need to really start THINKING LONG TERM starting today

and then allow the Power of COMPOUNDING to Grow Your current Small account size !

(starting TODAY ! )


Here’s A ” Typical Trading Month ” For Me

Back In 2012 JAN To Share With You :

( as mentioned just now )


=> Click Here To View My JAN 2012 Live Performance <=

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