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How Can You Learn Powerful Price Action Strategies Online ?

If You are really keen on learning the more powerful and accurate Price Actions strategy…..( exactly like how the professionals trade….)

Then this article is really ” Importantto YOU….

If You have been reading around my blog on the many forex strategies posts I wrote..

Then You would also notice that I am truly a Price Actions trader who do not rely solely on the so called ” textbook technical indicators ” at all..

( On the other hand, if this is the very first post You read on my blog, then read on to find out some important Price Action information I am sharing below then…)

It is not that these ” technical indicators ” do not work…

But the deep truth is that these technical indicators are plain LAGGING In Nature

Moreover, without knowing the limitations & weakness of the particular indicator/s You’re using…it could make Your entire tradings end up with disappointing results.

However….for most people ( newbies ) starting out venturing into this so called super lucrative Forex trading business..

They would ” Naturally Presume ” that using technical indicators …( as many as possible ) is the right way to profit from forex…

Sadly…..after weeks or months of trading…

These people who presume so….. would either end up DRAINING away all their starting capital….

Or barely breaking even …..everytime !

….though so much time and effort have been spent staring into the computer screen all the while

They only ended up very tired….very frustrated…..and maybe on the verge of giving up forex trading totally !

I understand how frustrated and miserable it feels to struggle to survive in forex trading…

Because I was once a  struggling & miserable newbie too…( everyone does )

To tell You the absolute truth….

It is only after I discovered about Price Actions strategy

And diligently reading all the information and books I could lay my hands on……..striving to master it…

Then I begin to see ” real profits ” week after week….

Month after month….

At the same time…my trading confidence is no longer as thin as a tissue paper anymore…

Day by day… I get better with using Price Actions strategy….

I do not have to rely on any ( Lagging & Unreliable ) technical indicators anymore….

It is really a very wonderful feeling to ” be able ” to trade the forex market with such strong confidence… joke….

With Price Actions strategy…..You do not even need to use any of those LAGGING & CONFUSING technical indicators anymore…

YES…..I am serious here when I said that…

You can just read into the market and spot for ” high probability ” set – ups ….with Your naked eyes….

And it is very accurate….

That’s because Price Actions is the only ” Truth ” You can extract from the market directly…..

It is the ” hint ” closest to what is really happening in the market currently…..

And then using it to predict the direction that’s likely to happen next…

( with HIGH Accuracy every time…! )

Frankly here…..

If You’re still trading using technical indicators such as MACD, Stochastic…Bollingerband……RSI….CCI…..EMAs….SMAs……and such

But most of the time….

You either enter into a trend ” Far Too LATE “…….

Or …..just getting Your Stop Loss HIT….again and again….

Although You’re right about the direction of the market…..

Sounds familiar to You at all…?

Or even missing out on so many ” Profitable ” trading opportunities just because  You’re Still Waiting For All The Indicators To Align!


This way of trading is indeed NOT the correct way to trade…..really…

I have enough of those ” trading with uncertainty and fear ” previously..

And I realize that in order to succeed with forex trading…

I mean really make ” nice massive pips ( profits ) ” from the market on a CONSISTENT basis….

I ” Cannot Rely ” on these lagging technical indicators at all….

I need something even better….even more powerful….even more accurate…

That’s when I found out Price Actions is the answer…..

And now I am trading full time as a forex trader….

Getting at least 30 – 100% ROI each month…

( risking less than 3 – 5 % each time )

Which equates to a nice 5 figures income for me….

By accumulating earnings from successful trades like these :

Winning Trade #1Usd$760.26 Profits

( click to enlarge )

UsdCad Interest Rates Strategy Earnings

UsdCad Interest Rates Strategy Earnings

Winning Trade #2Usd$3,199.13 profits

( click to enlarge )

Earnings For Long Candle Breakout Strategy GbpJpy

Earnings For Long Candle Breakout Strategy GbpJpy

Winning Trade #3Usd$3,199.13 profits

( click to enlarge )

AudUsd Trend Strategy Earnings

AudUsd Trend Strategy Earnings

Price Actions is very accurate and reliable for any traders ….

That’s a fact…

Anyone can also learn about Price Actions abit here….abit there…..on the internet..

However….most of my readers feedback to me that by looking at a ” static chart ” explaining about Price Actions…

They just could not understand much about it at all

On the chart….it looks very nice….very easy to spot…

But once they go live and try out for themselves on a LIVE chart….with Live Price Movements…

They are very confused and completely LOST

I can really understand why they face such confusion while trying to learn Price Actions …

Because I was also facing the exact same difficulty too previously years back….

How do I learn then…?

I literally ” glue ” myself to the screen for almost 10-12 hours a day..

( even secretly at work ! )

Just to ” try ” to observe and make out how to spot good trading opportunities using Price Actions I learn…

It is very Tiring I must admit……especially I am still holding a day job as a technician that time…

Sleeping at 3am or even 4am just to master Price Actions is very common for me….

But thinking back…..I am really glad that I am so focus that time…

If I did not possess such determination to learn Price Actions..

I would not be trading with such success now…

And enable me to grow my trading account rapidly and healthily..

Thus…..quitting my day job and trade full time from home….

( or any Starbucks outlet down town…* smile * )


So much for this sharing today.

Feel free to read other interesting & proven strategies I wrote to share in my forex blog.

Enjoy in the meantime !


– Aaron Tan ( your trading friend )

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