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Forex Trading Tips – Mastering the “Mindset” So You Can Profit Wildly From Currency Trading

You might have already heard that – Having the right “ trading mindset or psychology “ is vital to any traders who are serious about succeeding with forex.

But what exactly does having the “ RIGHT trading mindset or psychology “ means then ?

After all, it is just a simple sentence with less than 10 words in it……

……..Sure it is not hard to master too……right ?

If it is so simple to be understood, how come 95% of traders still struggle to break-even every month ?

This is a standard question that every trader has to ponder hard for awhile during their journey to achieving success with their trading .

So in this post, allow me to shed some light to help You guys understand more and clear some mist….* smile *

Yes…. it is indeed true that anyone with a normal IQ level can also make ( very ) nice income from forex trading each and every month.

And I am NOT super smart myself too and with much determinations and perserverance…..I have made it to be a full time trader for more than 5 years now…

(  That’s why I dare to say that being super smart is not essential at all to succeed. Just ” Normal ” is enough….* smile * )


The Key Elements To Forex Success


The key is possessing what I called the “ Market Wise “ trait.

With this, I mean You need to be able to handle LOSING equally well as winning.

Forex trading is merely a game of probability, some trades You would win, some trades You would lose.

The whole point here is that as long as You win more than You lose, You make profits. Simple!

Since nobody would be sad when he/she wins in forex, it is the moment when they lose that trigger all the UNDESIRABLE problems though.

When the possibility of losing real money exists, people tend to have FEAR as generally nobody likes to lose in anyway.

So with this fact, how can You overcome the fear of losing while trying to master forex trading ?

As without Overcoming the Undesirable FEAR, it is very hard or seemingly impossible for You to trade with confidence and adopt sound judgment ability.


Here’s what You can do ( Proven Techniques ) :


First and foremost, You have to accept the fact that You would lose in the forex market when You are wrong.

Losing in any trading game is really no big deal….

The important factor here is how much You lose when you are wrong actually.

When You are wrong and You lose the entire account as compared to losing just 2 -5% of your trading capital, which is more detrimental?

Obviously it is the first situation when You lose the entire account that is more detrimental and would affect You MORE right?

So what can You do about this then?

=> You can trade using a nana or micro account for a start to train Yourself to get use to trading in a LIVE market environment first.

( Executing positions with good RISK/REWARDS ratio & follow through Your trading plans closely at the same time….If You would like to read more on this aspect, do drop by the other posts in my forex blog where I share more on forex trading strategies later too. Or You can subscribe to my forex tips and newsletters service. It’s f.ree . )

As You get better and more confident in Your trading, Your account size should be growing steadily and healthily at the same time too.

Once You can achieve a particular “ Return On Investment ( ROI ) “ for a few consecutive months…..

……..You can then plan to aim for much bigger targets using a much bigger funds in Your forex trading.

So the first major barrier is to overcome the trading fear that arise from “ Losing itself “ that You always have…..

…..and once done that, everything should fall in place as You sail toward Your monthly trading goals and accumulating much bigger profits progressively !

By then……You would truly understand why I claim that :

”  No “ Secret or Holy Grail “ systems needed here, just overcoming the fear from losing and that is almost half the battle won for  You ! “

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