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Forex Trading Strategy – Profitable Forex Range Breakout Method

Hello Fellow Forex Traders,

This would be the very first Forex Trading Strategy for my little blog called Forex Trading Empire.

And here…

I will be sharing with you one of the most common and also very profitable Forex Trading Strategy called ” Range Breakout “..

Also sometimes known as the ” Rectangular” breakout too.

This type of price pattern can be spotted almost every single day across all currency pairs..

It’s just a matter of whether You want to spot for them or not.

Here’s the screen-shot of the actual ” Range Breakout” price pattern to share :

Forex Range Breakout

Forex Range Breakout

As well as the actual ” Order, SL & TP ” for my own trade here :

Forex Range Breakout

Trading the ” Range Breakout” strategy is very straight forward as you can see above.

No complicated indicators needed ( not even any simple/exponential moving averages ….if you’re confident )

All I did was merely plotting 2 lines across the ” Resistance & Support ” from the price pattern formation ( 2 blue lines ).

To trade this kind of  breakout….

> > Simply wait for the price to breakout either side to determine and follow the trend accordingly.

( Note: However, just like for any breakout trading -It could be a ” FALSE ” breakout sometimes…so it is really essential for anyone to learn how to filter these false breakouts syndrome. )

There are many ways I use to filter these False Syndromes myself.

For this trade, this is how I filter for the false breakout :

1) Most of the time  if the risk/reward ratio is not IDEAL for my risk tolerance… I would not take the trade.

2) Therefore it is really important for We to ” be patience and WAIT “…..for the ideal entry point.

3) I waited and the price plunged down the third time testing the support and ” failed ” to break it.

4) Price then shoot up and that’s where I saw my ideal ” risk/reward ratio of 1 : 2 “.

5) I enter my Order, SL ( 125 Pips ) & TP ( 250 Pips ).

That’s it.

Price then shoot up further in the direction I wanted and the TP of 250 Pips hit.

Total profits for this trade = USD $2,686.58

Trading ” breakouts ” is really Profitable.

….And can really allow anyone ( including you ) to capture massive price movements & pipsWithout needing to keep staring at the chart every second making your eyes so tiring…

This is especially true when you are trained to spot ” Profitable Price Patterns” …like I do.

All it takes me is about 10 – 15 mins a day to scan for these profitable set-ups.

( or at most 30 minutes if there’s a major trend in too many currency pairs as well )

Learn to trade forex using ” Price Pattern ” formation to0…

And you would also agree that it is indeed one of the most Powerful yet Simple indicator one can use for FREE…

Hope you like this forex trading strategy of mine.

And do remember to start scanning for it after this..

Practice makes perfect…right ? 🙂

Happy trading, Happy hunting & More ” Explosive” gains for you too !

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