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Forex Trading Strategy For The Non Farm Payroll On The Eur/Usd

Forex Trading Strategy For NFP

Forex Trading Strategy For NFP

In this post… I shall share on a forex trading strategy which I used to trade the monthly Non-Farm Payroll.

This trading strategy has very high accuracy and it is based on both the fundamental ( actual NFP numbers )….

… well as using Price Actions to assess the direction to trade and getting into the best ” entry ” point.

Some traders would just avoid trading the monthly NFP totally as the volatility is just so ” Wild ” and extremely ” High “…

If You do not have a strategy to trade ‘ extremely high volatility ” market’s condition….then it is best to avoid NFP definitely..

What for trade with ” uncertainty ” right ?

A BIG No No….as that is more like trading based on emotions & feelings…

As for myself…

I am literally a big fan of  ” high volatility ” market condition as there are very GOOD Pips to be made – In A Very Short Time Frame !

As such….NFP is one major news announcement and the market would 99% move MASSIVELY..

If You are still not very confident in Your NFP trading ….

Then this NFP forex trading strategy that I am sharing below would most probably benefit You tremendously…( For the next NFP ! )

Before I get into the details of this trading strategy…

Let me provide You with an illustrations showing You on my ” entry & exit ” so You can understand better when I explain the strategy..

Here’s the screen-shot with my entry & exit to share :

NFP Forex Trading Strategy

NFP Forex Trading Strategy

For this trade, I nail about 57 Pips ( after spreads )…

Which profited a nice USD $ 2,850 ….( in just a short 5 mins ! )

Can this be called ” fast profits “…?

You tell me …! * smile *

Here’s screen-shot of the earnings to share :

NFP Forex Trading Strategy Earnings

NFP Forex Trading Strategy Earnings

A You see from the diagram above…..although the trend still continues to plunge downwards…

But I only grab about 57 pips ( minus spreads ) and simply exit after that…

Enter fast…..exit fast during such high volatile market condition is the key to secure the profits I must say..

Furthermore…I do not usually use any fix Stop-Loss but solely depends on the ” price action ” of the market to determine my trading decisions…

Which includes cutting losses and exit for a profits ( when it is necessary )…

There are quite a few ” Price action ” trading strategies I use to trade the NFP ..

I will see what ” hint ” the market has given me and I would make my trading decisions ( buy/sell ) in real time…

For this trade, here’s how I execute my decisions to ” Sell ” :

If You don’t know yet….

For any major news announcement…there would be a factor of  ” Surprise  element ” involve..

This is especially so when the actual results are ” much different from the consensus “….

As such….the market sentiment would largely be affected & impacted by such ” element of surprise ” too..

And caused a rather ” Huge & Predictable ” market movement for us to grab some nice Pips from…

For this NFP….the actual results are ” So Much Better ” than the Consensus..

Hence…the USD would be much stronger …( at least for the first hour after the announcement )

This explains why I choose to ” SELL / SHORT ” this Eur/Usd.

Furthermore….the market has even gave me a better ” hint ” with the presents of that Long Upper Wick ….( after a very bullish move )

This definitely re-inforce my ” Anticipation ” of the SELL direction for this NFP trade..

And is my trading strategy for NFP realiable and accurate ?

Well….the profits of Usd $2,850 definitely can prove so right….* smile *

One thing for sure…..if You’re using any of the so called ” textbook technical indicators ” to trade major news such as the NFP..

Then it might be accurate at all & rather lagging in fact….. because everything happens just so fast…

One minute… could be UP by 100 Pips..

Next minute….it could retrace or plunge by another 150 Pips…

So learning forex trading strategy which is more ” current ” from the market itself such as the Price Action is definitely a better ( more profitable ) choice while trading the EXTREMELY Volatile NFP……

Agree ?

Alright…so much for this trading strategy to trade the Non-Farm Payroll…

I hope You have learnt something valuable from this post and would be more confident in trading the next NFP to come…

And of course…..grab Yourself so nice ” Quick Profits ” too…..!

Ophz…..never be greedy in any trading especially in a highly volatile market such as forex.

Don’t tell people I mentioned the words ” Quick Profits “…….ya !

Joking here…..* smile *

Feel free to read about my Forex Trading blog for other forex tips and trading strategies ..

Time for me to pen off for now…and go to bed !

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