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Forex Psychology #1 – Do You Even Have The Intention To Succeed With Forex ?

Intention To Succeed Forex

Intention To Succeed With Forex

Having an ” Intention ” to succeed with Forex Trading is indeed a very important factor..

In fact….it applies to everything we wish to achieve in life – Be it some goals or long term plans you have.

If You ” Intend ” to be successful with Forex Trading… will happen.

On the other hand….if You do not intend to make it happen, You’ll simply settle for whatever that comes along..

Which means trading half-heartedly and not taking the entire trading business seriously

And in the forex market, the probabilities are that You will keep losing money ( and even bursting the entire account ) unless You have the ” Intention ” to be successful.

Basically…whenever anyone ( like You and Me ) begin venturing into the forex market…

He/She already got to make a choice..

That is :

Is he/she going to be a frustrated & losing trader ( just like the 95% ) or be a happy & successful trader ( like the top 5% )...? ”

The cruel fact that hold true in the market for many years states that 95% who venture into the forex trading business…would lose all their trading capital in the first 6 months !

That’s simply due to the fact that ….- The Market Will Not Stop Anyone From Entering Into This Volatile Market In Anyway. As Long As You Have The Money To Start….You’re Welcome To Join In The Fun !

The Market Simply Does Not Care About Whether Are  You ” Ready ” For Live Trading With Real Money Or Not……

Let me give You one good example here …

Say if You are interested to go diving…..You would need to go for a basic diving course to get certified at least before You can venture into the deep blue sea right ?

For anyone that is stupid enough to go diving without knowing how to neutralize the air underwater or operate the oxygen tank but still press on  and even stupidly dive to 20M deep….

He/She is basically courting death here….

Worst….if he/she don’t  even know how to slowly ascend to allow the nitrogen in Your blood to dissolve away but only quickly climb to the surface can even suffer a serious situation called the ” BEND”…

A very painful process where the nitrogen in Your blood are forcing to go out due to higher pressure escaping as You ascend and  when it does explode….You really Do Not want to imagine how painful or fatal it is….

Diving Is Like Forex Trading

If You’re lucky to receive medical help in time….You might escape serious injuries or even death.

This is the same to trading Forex as well.

For anyone who’s ” ignorant ” and do not have an INTENTION to succeed – By learning proven strategies , good money management and having the right mindset..

They would only get hurt & burn by the market causing them to lose money again and again….till they develop a fear of trading and give up!

Although it might not be a life or death matter just like diving…

But for some people who actually fund their trading account with money they CANNOT afford to LOSE…

And ended up losing all of it…..

It could have a very detrimental effect to them….and it could also be as ” bad ” as the end of the world for them too !

They have just blown up the account and losing ALL their hard-earned money or savings in the process…

By then… is already too late as the market is ruthless… is very cruel….very heartless..

It would NOT take any pity on You and give You back those hard-earned money just because You are sad or angry.

It would not happen that way definitely !

At this point while reading this article…..if You have not blown up any account/s yet….although You’re struggling to break-even every single month..

Then consider Yourself lucky perhaps….

After You go through this article, maybe it’s time to ask Yourself  this :

” Do I Have An Intention To Succeed With Forex Trading All Along ? ”

” Or….Do I Trade Forex Because I Just Want To Get Rich Quick..? ”

…More Importantly :

1)   Do I Have A Set Of Proven Strategies To Follow ..?

2)  Do I Practice Good Money Managements  or Just Trying My Luck Everytime..?

3)  Do I Use Good Risk/Reward Ratio For Every Trade I Took ? “….

At this moment…..if there’s even a single ” NO ” to any of these 3 questions having asked Yourself  TRUTHFULLY…

Then it is time You get ” REAL ” about Your INTENTION to succeed with this Forex Trading Business..

End of the day….without a ” STRONG INTENTION “….it is seemingly impossible to achieve consistent success with forex trading – Which Is A Fact !

I am sure most traders have already in their arsenal many proven trading systems and methods….but they are merely breaking even ( or struggling to break even ) every month…

This is because what is needed to be a consistent, long term profitable trader goes way beyond being able to read charts or following any forex trading strategies or methods..

If You know You have the strong desire to enjoy the tremendous financial return from forex trading…..

BUT… the same time….You’re still feeling the anxiety of the risk involve and sometimes don’t even know why You’re entering the trades…

Then Your ” Intention ” to succeed with this entire Forex trading business isn’t that clear yet…..

Maybe something for You to ponder again after reading this I suppose…? * smile *

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