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Finding ( Really ) Strong Trend Prevailing In The Forex Market ! ( Forex Trend Strategy )

It is already a very obvious fact that being able to ride on the Strong Trending currency pair in the forex market…

The rewards ( Profits ) that one can achieve is indeed Very Very Good….

But how good is good then ?

2x…..3x…..4x…or even 8x Your initial investment is very realistic once You know how to do it…..

……And most importantly – Knowing how to detect such STRONG TRENDING currency pair is the key here….

Like This :

With a STRONG trending currency pair like the one above…

Imagine if You invest just 1 standard lot……and by nailing 800 Pips from such Strong

Trend… You know what is Your ” rewards ” like ?

Yes…..that would be about 8 times MORE THAN Your initial investment.

Which calculated to be approximately USD $8,000 with $1,000 investment..

Or what most investor like to consider it as ” 800%” RETURNS….

Definitely Very Profitable once You know how to detect such STRONG Trending currency pair too – Which is what I am about to show You in this article. * smile *

HOWEVER….Most Traders Would FAILED Miserably :

Here’s why ..

Almost every traders who jumped into this forex trading game would have heard of this sentence :

” Trend if Your Friend……Just Follow The Trend ! “

… some point during their learning journey….

I am sure this sentence is very easy to understand by anyone as long as he/she understands simple English…..agree ?

BUT……how come majority of the traders only failed miserably and always NOT getting the results ( massive pips ) they truly desire …?

Or…..if they are lucky to jump into one such trend…..but most of the time, the trend just DID NOT move as much as they would like it too…..and ONLY to see all the profits accumulated earlier given back to the market when it rebound the other way…

Hmmmm…..what is the main problem here now…?

Are You also facing such frustrating problem currently or previously…?

That is – You would like to ride on the MASSIVE Trend in the market…..because You know the rewards are very good…..and best of all….it requires very little time on Your part to monitor  because You would be trading on the bigger time frame…( daily chart )

At most spend about 10 – 15 minutes to monitor each day….that’s it..

That is one of the biggest and most attractive benefit from riding such MASSIVE TREND in the market……no doubt about it….

But what’s the main key to succeed with Spotting Such Strong Trend then ?

And I would say… is about ZOOMING in on the ” Really Strong Trending ” currency pair… order to ride on those MASSIVE PIPS….and not just seeing a WHIP SAW market giving You undesirable fear and uncertainty…..

……making You want to pull out Your position most of the time…

The truth is that being able to scan for such STRONG TRENDING currency pair in the market can be considered rather ” tricky and challenging “ to most traders in fact…

As such, they would rather not do it…..although in the bottom of their heart….they really want to profit from such lucrative strong trend very much….

If You are also facing such confusions but at the same time, You are also one of those that would like to know how to scan for such Strong Trending currency pair to ride on….

Then read on as I am sharing the step-by-step explanations below.

There are in fact a few techniques I am using to scan for such strong trends…( without using any fundamental or reading complicated news….)

And today, I would be sharing on one such technique which is direct and very simple and yet fulfill the objective of spotting such strong trend You would like to profit from.

Here’s How You Do It :

In order for You to gauge ” How Strong ” is the currency pair….

We would be using 2 EMA to help with the tasks namely…

200 EMA   ( Turquoise )

30 EMA  ( White )

And all the charts we would be using are the DAILY time frame ONLY….

what You would want to find out is very simple…

Basically You would be comparing 2 different currency pairs and then grab the ” hints ” from there..

Example :

Let’s say the EUR/USD is in a very Strong DOWN-Trend…

At the same time…..the USD/CAD is in a Very Strong DOWN-TREND As Well..!

What does this tells You if You put the EUR/CAD together ?

Of course the pair EUR/CAD would be in a very ( very STRONG ) DOWN-TREND too right ?

Why so ?

Let me explains on this to help You understand better :

You see…..

When EUR/USD is in a strong Down-Trend ( daily chart )… means that the USD is Stronger than the EUR right ?

When You SELL EUR…..and BUY USD….it resulted in a DOWN-TREND..

At the same time…..You also spotted that USD/CAD is in a very strong DOWN-TREND too…

So it also means that USD is not WEAKER than the CAD…

Wow… You get the ” Obvious HINT ” here already ?

The CAD is so much STRONGER than the EUR….!

And if You pair the EUR/CAD together…….what would be the TREND like ?

See it for Yourself below ! * Smile *

Strong Trending Strategy

Strong Trending Strategy

See how strong the DOWN-TREND is now for the EURCAD from the illustration above ?

See how steep the gradient is for the 2 EMAS….?

POWER isn’t it….? * smile *

Now You understand why the conventional saying of : ” TREND is YOUR Friend…..Just Follow The Trend ” holds TRUE for so many decades !

So basically to make Your scanning easier…

You should inter-scan 2 or 3 of the different currency pairs with ” One Common ” Currency in there..

Maybe for a start….You can start with the USD…..since it is the most commonly traded and liquidity is very good.

You can compare for example :

” Gbp/Usd….Aud/Usd….Usd/Jpy…Eur/Usd….etc….etc…”

And then deploying the same technique of comparison just like how I did for the EUR/CAD above earlier…

Once You have gotten one such pair which You think would be TRENDING strongly…

You can then open up the chart….and plot the 2 EMAS ( 200  and 30 ) on it to see how steep are the 2 lines…

Most of the time…..if You see them as steep as the EURCAD example above…

You can almost sure that this is one currency pair that is TRENDING strongly…

And the next thing You need to do is of course to ride on it and grab the MASSIVE PIPS out of it…

But of course, You cannot simply just jump in and hope that everything would be fine end of the day..

There’s always a slight possibility that the trend would reverse or RETRACE quite abit before resuming in the prevailing trend again…

So making sure that it is giving YOU a good RISK/REWARD ratio is definitely essential here.

And of course….in order to reduce Your risk to a minimum….it would be good to enter into a position after the market has retraced to at least the 50% level or slightly more at 61.8%..

In this way… least You can grab more Pips because You are not selling at the bottom….but rather at a much higher price…..( if it is a down-trend….and vice-versa for Up-trend )

Simple isn’t it this technique on scanning for Strong Trending Currency Pair ?

Go give it a try on a DEMO account on the next trading day….and get more confident with such scanning…

Trust me when I say this :

…..By the time You can confidently ZOOM in on such ” Very Strong Trending ” currency pairs too….nailing those MASSIVE Pips in the market ( 200,300, 400 or even 800 Pips ) would not be a challenge to You anymore then….* smile *

Can You imagine how Your trading account would be GROWING then ….? LOL

How About Earnings Like This ?

( click to enlarge )

Yes…..this is the real screen shot of the earnings proof from ” Shorting ” the EURCAD…

( which is one of the LIVE trade I had )

Don’t get me wrong here… I am not trying to brag or something by showing this earning proof….

But rather….I would like to convey that fact that nailing such MASSIVE PIPS ( such as 659 Pips ) in indeed very realistic and NOT a challenge to me anymore as I understand how to spot for such Strong Trending Currency Pair

Don’t believe that it can be done using the simple & proven technique I revealed above ?

Try it and You will know the truth ….! * smile *

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