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Can Trend Following Strategy Really Help You Succeed In The Long Run ?

Dear Valuable Friends,

I am very sure about one fact

that is :

” The Majority 95% out there are DEFINITELY trading using such TREND Strategy as shown below ! “

Forex Trend Strategy

Forex Trend Strategy

1st ) They spot for a Prevailing Trend

and for the case shown above

it is an Up-Trend

2nd) They wait for the price to fall to the 50% to 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Zone

3rd) They will then try to see if there is any ” Reversal Candlestick Pattern “ formed there or not

for the case shown above

it is showing a ” Bullish Pin-Bar “

Such Bullish Pin-Bar is one ” Reversal Pattern ” that is being heavily relied on till date

signalling an Up-Trend Continuation ….that is

And upon spotting these 3 bulllish hints

majority would go in for a BUY trade

I bet You are also trading this ” same way “….right ?

Before it is ” too late ” for You too

seriously ask Yourself this now :

” Since 95% out there are trading the SAME WAY

looking at the SAME UP-TREND

looking at the SAME 50% – 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Zone

and considering this entire trading game is a ZERO-SUM game

meaning if YOU WIN

the other side has to LOSE

And when You BUY

on the other side, someone has to SELL to You

logical enough ?

Ok……since that is the case

then when 95% of You guys are ALL trading the SAME BUY

on the other side

who is ” So Generous ” to SELL You the orders ?

Why are they ” So Generous  ” to allow You guys to WIN so easily ?


They are merely ” Setting Some Traps ” to LURE You into Buying ?

So that these ” Super Power ” can then SLAUGHTERED the majority 95% who are BUYING then…

ALL AT ONE GO ( incluidng You too ) ??

Do You have any clue about what I revealed above ?

Are You able to derive a ” Logical Way ” to overcome them then ?

Most of the struggling intermediates that I communicated with

they simply CANNOT come out with a ” Logical Solution ” to these questions

and they eventually only FAIL MISERABLY & GIVE UP TOTALLY !

How About YOU ?

Please give it some Serious Thoughts now

before it is ” too late “….

To Your ( Real ) Forex Success & Financial Freedom,

Aaron Tan ( your trading friend )

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