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6 Fatal Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Want To Succeed With Forex !

It is easy for anyone to be a forex trader…

However…it is definitely NOT easy for anyone to become a successful and profitable trader.

…That’s a CRUEL fact !

To become a profitable trader….besides needing to know the basics of forex trading..

At the same time… You also need to know the things that You must NOT do when trading.

In this post, I will share with You 6 major mistakes that traders ( especially newbies ) make..

( And hope You would avoid them at all costs ! )


1st Common Mistake –  Lack Of A Proven Strategy


Most of the traders DO NOT trade using any proven and time – tested strategy at all.

This simply means they are entering positions ( whether Buy / Sell ) based on ” feelings ” and ” wild guesses “..

… Or so called relying on their ” gut instinct ” and they just love to use that to predict the future outcome of the market….

What’s the ” Real ” ultimate outcome for them then ?

Well….. Nothing positive sad to say….but only losing and even more losing trades as the market just CANNOT be traded based on ” instinct ” at all.

A proven strategy that has track record of at least 60 – 80% winning rate is the answer t this problem though…* smile *


2nd Common Mistake –  Aiming  For ” Unrealistic ” Profits Target


Aiming for HUGE Profits naturally sound good for most people.

But being ” Unrealistic” about the profits could result in a winning trade turning into a losing one ! …ouch…

Make sure You know the daily pips range of the currency pair You’re dealing with ….

It is much  better to aim for a Conservative Take Profit Target ( TP ) and win more times

….Than to see ( a lot of ) winning trades turning into losing ones definitely...


3rd Common Mistakes –  ” Unnecessary ” Fear  Of  Loss


Traders experience FEAR at time of trading.

….. Especially so when REAL ( hard earned ) money is involved !

( No longer are they on DEMO trades anymore....)

Because of  FEAR…. traders get confused and uncertain most of the time and distract their LOGICAL thoughts…

When this happens, they miss out on the many good trading opportunities most of the time.

Are you also facing this problem as most of the time you are actually trading with a ” Fearful ” mentality….?

If so…how can You overcome this annoying problem uh ?

Simple solution here for You :

…” Just follow a proven strategy, stick to your trading rules strictly and always use good risk/reward ratio for all your trades ! ”

When you can consistently stick to all that….you will be trading with more confident progressively…

And in the long run….You Will Make Profits !

It’s that simple….* smile *


4th Common Mistake –  Trying To Predict The Direction ( Trend )


When it comes to any form of trading , only the market decides the direction and that’s a critical truth.

If any traders were to say this :

” I think it is cheap now …it CAN”T go lower any further…I shall Buy now..”

Then he/she is NOT putting the odds on their side and may end up losing a lot of money in the end with this mentality.

The best way is wait for the trend to start and then buy on pull-back would be much wiser.


5th Common Mistake –  Selling Winners


Traders whom are always in a hurry to sell their winning trades ( instead of letting the profits run ) are basically affected by their emotions.

Never allow emotions to affect Your trading and whenever there’s a strong trend, just let the profits run and progressively ” Lock in ” the profits at different stages.


6th Common Mistake –  Being Complacent After A Few Winning Trades


Sometimes traders start to trade ( too often ) after winning a few trades.

This sorta gives them the feeling that they are ” SO ACCURATE ” in their tradings and WON”T BE WRONG.

So they start to trade even more often and resulted in over-trading and trading with even BIGGER lots hoping to get more profits FASTER !

Normally this kind of situation would only backfire and make them lose money big time and even burst the entire trading account in just a matter of days.

End of the day…..using good money management is still the way to go and NEVER be complacent in Your tradings!

Believe it or not…

These are the 6 most common mistakes that ruin most traders and caused them to lose trades after trades…and ultimately losing the entire account !

If at this point…you are somehow still struggling to even make a small profits trading the forex market on a monthly basis..

Then frankly ask yourself does any of these 6 common mistakes apply to you ?

I am sure there would be at least 1 or 2 of them that are crippling your success with forex all these while…

Take a firm ” first ” step out today….

Identify these undesirable mistake/s that has been hindering your success and causing your frustrations…

Eliminate them once and for all starting today …

The earlier you get rid of these common mistakes you’re committing …

The sooner you would see the kind of success ( Valuable Pips & Profits ) that you truly long for from forex trading !

I can assure you that because  I for once…..also committed all these mistakes too…

The moment I decide to ” really ” get rid of them ….

I begin to see very good results from my tradings month after month ..

To the extend of allowing me to quit my day job and trade full time as a forex trader….

Enjoying both the freedom of time….as well as the financial reward that comes with forex trading…

Hope you would attain that kind of success too….if you want….* smile *

Cheers to You !

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